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Rocky’s Crown Pub

After my recent visit to The Lodge, my mind wandered to the no frills cheeseburger at Rocky’s Crown Pub, which has always been one of my favorite burgers in San Diego. It’s been almost two years since I’ve visited and I couldn’t help but wonder if I would still feel the same, having now sampled many other best burger contenders.

The small pub is always crowded, no matter what time of the day it is. The menu is very simple, with only four burger choices: burger or cheeseburger offered with either 1/3 or 1/2 pound patty. The burgers are served on an untoasted sesame bun with mayonnaise, lettuce, and pickles.

The meat patty was as moist, juicy, dripping with meat juice. However, there were a few bits of ground beef which were completely raw which made me a little uneasy. The bun held together well, but I couldn’t help but wish they chose to toast the bun like most restaurants do nowadays. It doesn’t take too much extra effort and it makes such a difference in taste and texture.

Having just had the well-executed Lodge burger, I couldn’t help but feel a little let down by this burger. However, the direct comparisons are somewhat unfair given that the Lodge burger is nearly double the price.

For the price (the most expensive is $6.50 for a 1/2 lb cheeseburger), I still think Rocky’s makes one of the tastiest burgers in San Diego. But if price isn’t an issue, there are better restaurant burger options that won’t require you to wait 30 minutes for a burger or deal with the brusk staff.

Rocky’s Crown Pub
3786 Ingraham St
San Diego, CA 92109

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6 comments on “Rocky’s Crown Pub”

  1. Any suggestions for a few better burgers in San Diego (price no option)?

  2. I have always wanted to try this place. The burger looks really good, and I’m glad you liked it, but the few raw bits would make me nervous, too. Great price! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s a good burger for it is – simple, no frills, and cheap. If you go on a weeknight in the later evening, it isn’t crowded haha. I haven’t tried the burger at the Lodge, but so far my favorite “fancy” burger is The Pearl in Point Loma.