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San Diego’s Finest Donuts

Continuing with my exploration of donut shops in San Diego, when I had lunch with CC last month, we stopped by San Diego’s Finest Donuts.

The poor sign is a little worse for wear. CC chose this place because she heard they had cronuts. I took a look at their Facebook page and they show really gorgeous cronut photos, some of the prettiest I’ve seen in San Diego.

When we went in, there were no cronuts on display. We also saw the regular display of donuts.

We inquired about the cronuts and were met with some very unhelpful responses. We asked if they made cronuts, and the employee replied they do. We asked if they had them today, she said no. We asked when they do have them, can they be ordered, is it in the morning, etc, and she shrugged and answered along the lines of “Sometimes we have them. When they come in and feel like making it, then we have it.” Okay…

Since we were already there, I got a few to-go.

My haul: glazed twist, glazed old fashioned and glazed buttermilk bar. I know, so many glazed ones, but I love glazed donuts.

These were all decent, but not much of a deal ($.85 each), and given the attitude of the employee and the distance, I doubt I’ll be back often.

Here’s a shot of CC’s picks: cruller and chocolate old fashioned

You can read CC’s post here.

Update: I received an email from the owner and the cronuts are now available every Friday morning starting at 9am. You can also visit their Facebook page for the latest on the flavors available.

San Diego’s Finest Donuts
3458 University Ave,
San Diego, California 92104
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8 comments on “San Diego’s Finest Donuts”

  1. Wow, their cronuts exist??? Ha ha ha….That was a pretty fun day we had. 🙂

    I’ll stick to my local donut shop (Crispy’s) which has awesome blueberry butermilk bars!!!

    • Yeah, the cronuts look so nice from the pics! If I hadn’t been there with you I would imagine quite a different store based on their FB pictures.

  2. hi kirbie – i just looked at their fb link. they also depicted macarons. we didn’t see those there either. hmmm. how misleading. maybe those macs and cronuts are offering during magical hour or day or something, haha.

  3. We went there once. The doughnuts were ok, but the coffee was quite easily one of the worst I’ve encountered.

  4. Oh wow. How off putting was that service. Sad.

    I would be frustrated too if I drove all the way there for something specific and they didn’t have it.

    I went to Paris bakery today (in HMart) and their cronuts are now in the display case thing (still only 4 cronuts max per person). At least they’re not hiding it behind the counter now. Sis and I weren’t a fan of them though.

    • Yeah, the service wasn’t very helpful at all. The one I had at Paris inside Zion was decent, when eating straight away. After it cools it doesn’t taste good anymore.

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