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Sieu Sieu BBQ

photo of a container of Chinese BBQ from Sieu Sieu BBQ
Sieu Sieu BBQ specializes in Chinese BBQ and roasted meats. Over the long weekend, Mr. K’s family came over and we decided to pick up some roasted meats to bring home for dinner.

photo of the outside of Sieu Sieu BBQ

Since it was New Year’s weekend, there was a quick turnover for meats, so nothing was sitting out too long.
photo of roasted meat in a display

The restaurant space is pretty bare bones. In addition to buying large quantities of meat, you can also dine-in at one of the handful of tables inside the restaurant. The menu consists mainly of simple noodle dishes paired with the roasted meats.

One Pound Roasted Pork
photo of One Pound Roasted Pork
The skin had a good crispness to it. We rarely buy roasted pork now that I have my own recipe for perfect golden crunchy pork belly, but I didn’t have time that weekend and this ended up being a decent substitute.

Full Roasted Duck
photo of Full Roasted Duck
We also got a full roasted duck. The duck meat was quite moist with a fair amount of meatiness.

Overall, Sieu Sieu BBQ is a quick and easy solution to get a few roasted meats for dinner, especially if you are having a large get-together. It’s not the best we’ve had but there aren’t many other choices in San Diego.

photo of the menu at Full Roasted Duck

Sieu Sieu BBQ
7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111

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  1. Looks so delicious!

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    Thank you for your inspiring site. I enjoy cooking for friends and there is always interesting ideas on it.
    I wish the New Year will bring health-joy-wonderful surprises to you.
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