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Soltan Banoo

A few weeks ago, my friend CC introduced me to Soltan Banoo, a Persian restaurant in University Heights. We stopped in for some delicious desserts, including a Persian shaved ice dish.

I immediately fell in love with the charming and relaxed atmosphere. The person who greeted us remembered CC, even recalling who she came with last time.


This was the highlight of our desserts and everyone dining in the restaurant near us was asking what it was. It’s shaved ice, with thin vermicelli noodles frozen in corn starch, rose water, lime juice, pistachios, and topped with Persian ice cream.

I absolutely loved it! I’ve seen that many Persian frozen desserts contain rice noodles, which I always thought sounded a bit strange, but it actually tasted quite good with the shaved ice. I did think they added a bit too much lime juice. CC commented that she didn’t remember the lime juice being so strong. Still, this was a really fun dessert to try and one I definitely would want to get again.

Gaz (Persian Nougat made with pistachios and rose water surrounded by flour), Turkish Delight, Persian Baghlava (Persian Nougat made with pistachios and rose water surrounded by flour)

We also ordered a small platter with these various Persian desserts. I’ve had Turkish Delight before but this was my first time trying Gaz and Persian Baghlava. My favorite was the Turkish Delight.

Overall we had a really good time here. I would love to come back for lunch sometime and I definitely need to bring Mr. K for dessert.

Pets were allowed indoors, which was nice. We saw the cutest, most well behaved little dog and the owner’s cat wandered around too.

Here is the dessert menu:

You can view CC’s post on our dessert trip here.

Soltan Banoo
4645 Park Blvd.
San Diego, Ca 92116
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2 comments on “Soltan Banoo”

  1. Yay, I’m glad you liked it at Soltan Banoo! 🙂 It’s neat trying out different cultures’ versions of ice desserts. The combination of flavors was refreshing.

    Your photos through the window came out pretty good! I really liked that little dog too! So cute!

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