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Somi Somi (San Diego)

Somi Somi, a dessert shop originally from Los Angeles that is known for their taiyaki soft serve, recently opened a location in San Diego.
photo of two ice cream cones from Somi Somi

You may recall, it was only last month that I visited the Los Angeles location (post here). I really enjoyed their colorful dessert, so I was really excited when they announced they would be opening a San Diego location.
photo of the outside of Somi Somi

The shop is located inside Cafe Bene. The soft serve creation they serve is Ah-Boong, a popular Korean dessert inspired by Japanese taiyaki (fish shaped waffles). The Korean version features a fish shaped cone, called boong-uh-bbang, that is then filled with filling and topped with soft serve ice cream.
photo of signage explaining how to order
They offer single flavors and swirl combinations. The four single flavors (matcha, ube, milk, black sesame) are always available and two swirl combinations are offered each week.
photo of the menu at Somi Somi
The cones are also filled with either Nutella, custard or red bean.
photo of fish shaped ice cream cones

We decided to get three cones, one with each filling. We got the two swirl combinations (matcha & milk, ube & black sesame) and a one with just ube.
photo of matcha & milk, ube & black sesame ice cream cone and a ube ice cream cone
The toppings are unlimited with no additional charge. They offer graham cracker crumbs, oreo crumbs, sprinkles, fruity pebbles and strawberries. They didn’t have the macarons on our visit.

After taking our photos, we placed the cones upside down in cups to make it easier to eat. They do come with wrappers if you want to hold and eat them, but I find this way to be less messy.
photo of the ice cream cones placed in paper bowls
When I had these in LA, the ice cream melted really fast because we had to eat them outside and it was extremely hot that day. I didn’t really get to enjoy the ice cream as much because it melted so quickly.

The San Diego location has seating inside and as a result, I was really able to enjoy the ice creams. I liked them a lot more than I had previously. I thought they were creamy and the flavors were all pretty good.

My favorite flavor is the ube. I love the vibrant purple color and it had a good balance of sweetness and ube (purple yam) flavor.

The cones were not as warm and crispy on the exterior as the ones I had in LA, but I still enjoyed them. The custard is my favorite filling. I enjoyed the Nutella one too but I did find it a little too sweet because they put a generous amount of Nutella in there.

Overall, I had a good first visit and I’m happy Somi Somi is now in San Diego so I don’t have to drive to LA to enjoy this dessert. I will definitely be back often.

Somi Somi San Diego
4620 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

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  1. These little cones are pretty cute. I do get to San Diego, so I might have to try this.