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photo of the Stuffed! food truck

Stuffed! is a popular food truck in San Diego, known for their stuffed burgers. If you’re feeling ravenous, this is definitely the place to go for lunch. In addition to gourmet burgers, they also offer other fun and comforting dishes like macaroni and cheese, tater tots, and fried Oreos.

photo of the Boom! burger
I had my eye on the Boom! burger, piled high with mac n’ cheese, peppered smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles & Stuffed! sauce.

The burger patty was cooked to a medium. The creamy mac n’ cheese added flavor and a fun factor the burger.

photo of the Bang! burger
This was Mr. K’s choice. The burger was stuffed with blue cheese, peppered smoked bacon, fried onion straws, pickles & BBQ Sauce. I’m not a fan of blue cheese, so I didn’t try his.

Fried Oreos
photo of Fried Oreos
I couldn’t resist the fried Oreos, which I usually only get once a year at the fair. These were surprisingly good–maybe even better than the fair ones. The batter was light and crisp and the Oreo cream center was melted and gooey, turning the original addicting cookie into something even better.
close-up photo of Fried Oreos
It’s a little dangerous knowing I don’t have to wait for the fair anymore to get my fried Oreo fix.

Spicy Mac & Cheese
overhead photo of Spicy Mac & Cheese
Mr. K opted for a side of spicy mac & cheese. Similar to the mac & cheese in my burger, except a bigger quantity and with a spicy kick.

We were definitely quite full from our lunch here. Because burgers take longer to cook, it took awhile to get our food. I can’t see myself seeking this truck out too often, but it’s fun to try out.


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7 comments on “Stuffed!”

  1. I love the names of the burgers. So funny to read them as I go through the post! I haven’t eaten food trucks in forever. Are the prices of the fried oreos on par with what you’d find at the fair? For some reason, those are what I’d want to try from this truck!

    • hmm, you just reminded me I took a photo of the menu with prices but I recently switched phones and it looks like that photo was on my old phone. So I can’t quite recall the price of the Fried Oreos, but I think they may have even been cheaper than the fair ones

  2. I did check Chicken Charlie’s.  No fried twinkies at the restaurant.  🙁

  3. Those burgers are huuuuge!   Mr. K’s burger looked pretty good, minus the blue cheese. I can’t resist fried onions!

  4. Great looking burgers!  That’s cool you have found the best fried oreo place in town!  I’m looking for fried twinkies.  🙂

    • well I dont know if they are the best in town since I only had them at the fair previously, but I did enjoy them! I haven’t seen fried twinkies outside of the fair though. did you check Chicken Charlie’s permanent store?

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