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Sugar Sweets Dessert

photo of the outside of Sugar Sweets DessertSugar Sweets Dessert is a new dessert cafe that opened recently, specializing in Hong Kong style desserts. The menu has over 100 items listed!

The restaurant is located a few doors down from Sizzling Pot King and it was during our meal there that we first noticed the “coming soon” signs.
photo of the inside of Sugar Sweets Dessert
The menu does not provide much description for the desserts, but they do have a display of some of the desserts at the front and there are a few photos on the menu.

Mango Pancake
Mango Pancake
Thin crepe-like pancakes were filled with cream and fresh mangoes and wrapped up like mini burritos. I’m not very familiar with Hong Kong desserts, but I have seen photos of this one and it did look a lot like the photos I’ve seen, even down to the yellow plate. These came out almost immediately after we ordered, so it seems they were prepared ahead of time.
photo showing the inside of Mango Pancake
They tasted quite light and delicate and we found the mango to be very sweet.

Mango Black Glutinous Snow
Mango Black Glutinous Snow
Again, this is not a dessert I’ve had before but I’ve seen photos on the internet and it seems to be a popular dessert in Hong Kong. I’m familiar with all the individual elements, but just have never eaten them together this way. The mango pieces were incredibly sweet and I could just eat a whole bowl of them. I also enjoyed the black glutinous rice. The milk ice was icy and melted fast, but that is how it seems to be in the photos I’ve seen.

Rice Balls with Peanut Powder
photo of Rice Balls with Peanut Powder
Large rice balls sweetened with syrup and peanut powder. Usually when the rice balls are this large they contain a filling, but these did not. They were a little on the plain side as a result, and our least favorite of the three desserts.

Overall, we had a good first visit. Since I haven’t had many Hong Kong desserts before, it was hard to compare, but we did enjoy what we ate. I did find the prices to be a little high, given that the portions are on the small side. I am happy to see something a little different though, since we don’t have any other dedicated Hong Kong dessert cafes in San Diego. If you do come visit, I definitely recommend trying at least one mango dessert.

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photo of the menu at Rice Balls with Peanut Powderphoto of the menu at Sugar Sweet Desserts

Sugar Sweets Dessert
8072 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

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