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The Crack Shack

photo of the outside of the The Crack Shack
One of the most anticipated new restaurants in San Diego, The Crack Shack, opened last Wednesday. The casual outdoor restaurant, with a focus on chicken and eggs, was created by the team behind Juniper & Ivy. Opening day was so popular, that the restaurant actually had to close temporarily the following day, in order to “recoop” and get more supplies for the rest of the week.
photo of the decor of the The Crack Shack
I have been following the progress of The Crack Shack since they began construction; driving by whenever I was in the area to check out the progress. The outdoor layout is quite impressive. There are a number of different seating options, a full service bar, and even a bocce ball court. I’m sorry I don’t have better photos to show you how nice the space is. There were so many people dining and many cars parked in front as well.
photo of the The Crack Shack menu

Coop Deville (Fried chicken, chilies lime mayo slaw, brioche roll)
photo of the Coop Deville
I was most excited to try the chicken sandwiches. Hopefully, I’ll eventually work my way through the entire selection. This sandwich did not disappoint. The fried chicken piece was huge, heavily overflowing past the bun. It was juicy, crunchy, and everything you want in a fried chicken sandwich. The slaw paired nicely and the chilies weren’t too spicy.

Fried Chicken
overhead photo of Fried Chicken
We also did a 5-piece order of fried chicken. They use free-range, organic jidori chickens here and you can taste the difference. Each chicken piece was encased in a thick, unbelievably crunchy batter. I ignored my utensils and peeled off the skins first, dipping them into the various house-made sauces provided. The meat itself was brimming with juices flavored by the brine the chicken was marinated in.

Speaking of the sauces, here are the six house-made sauces offered. My favorites were the kimchi bbq and chimichurri.
photo of a caddy of sauces

The Royale (Chicken sausage, egg, cheddar, English muffin)
photo of a The Royale
We also tried out this their cheffy take on a sausage muffin breakfast sandwich. The thick chicken sausage was delicious. My only wish was that the fried egg be served without breaking the yolk, but that may just be because I love capturing the moment the yolk begins dripping down the sandwich.

Chicken Fried Farro
photo of Chicken Fried Farro
This was my first time eating farro, a grain similar to barley, that has a chewy texture. I’ve always enjoyed the more textured grains, so I found this quite enjoyable. The farro was mixed with chicken and topped with a fried egg.
close-up photo of Chicken Fried Farro

Overall, we had a very nice first meal here. I am often craving fried chicken breakfast sandwiches and there aren’t too many choices for that in San Diego, so The Crack Shack is a welcome addition. I’m excited for future visits and to work my way through the menu. While we dined, we saw both Michael Rosen (owner) and Richard Blais (Chef/Partner) roaming about as well.

Tip: The Crack Shack is currently open Tues-Sun (closed Mon). They open at 7:00 AM with a limited menu and the rest of the menu becomes available after 10:30 AM.

photo the menuphoto of the menu

The Crack Shack
2266 Kettner Blvd San Diego CA

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6 comments on “The Crack Shack”

  1. A lot of buzz so far! I have to wait til the crowds die down a little.. can’t believe it ran out!

    • actually the crowds aren’t too bad. We went on the weekend and while the place was fairly full, there wasn’t a line and we found seats right away

  2. Mmm…  Fancy fried chicken.  🙂  What do you think of the fried chicken compared to Streetcar Merchants?  I love their southern fried style.

    • I think it comes down to a matter of personal preference. Both are good, but with different styles. I think I prefer Streetcar slightly more, but I do enjoy the chicken here and other offerings

  3. Thanks for the write-up with a great preview on the crack shack. I am heading there on Thursday and can’t wait. 

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