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The Haven Pizzeria

This weekend I went to check out The Haven Pizzeria with CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High. I’ve heard a lot of good buzz about the pizzeria and I’m always looking to try out new pizza spots.

Located in the Kensington area, there was plenty of free street parking as well as a small, free parking lot right next to the restaurant. The restaurant has a lot of open windows, which I loved.

The “New” New York Pizza (spicy pizza sauce, seasonal onion mix, bell peppers, mushrooms, vegan sausage)

This was my pizza choice. Even though the description stated spicy pizza sauce, I was still surprised by how spicy it was. Most places I’ve been to that have a spicy sauce, it’s usually quite mild. It was a tasty combination with a lot of bold flavors and I especially liked the thin crust. The thicker portions of the crust were crunchy and chewy.

The Cortez (candied bacon, gorgonzola (substituted with mascarpone), tomatoes, topped with fresh arugula and avocados)

CC chose The Cortez. She didn’t want gorgonzola and asked the waiter for recommendations for a subsitute. He suggested mascarpone, an option neither of us would have ever thought to choose. But it worked out great. The soft mascarpone was super creamy and paired perfectly with the candied bacon bits. I’m going to have to try putting mascarpone cheese on my pizza more often. I actually enjoyed her pie a little more than mine.

We had a good time here and I was happy with their pizzas and the friendly service. You can view their pizza menu here.

CC also gifted me with some snacks, including mochi from Hogetsu. I love the mochi there so I was thrilled to get this.

There were other various candies and snacks. So far I’ve had Fried Chicken Chicharron, which was really good and the bag is already gone.

The Haven Pizzeria
4051 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
The Haven on Urbanspoon

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6 comments on “The Haven Pizzeria”

  1. That’s so funny how CC substituted the gorgonzola w/ the mascarpone! I would have asked the waiter for the same recommendation as well 🙂 It’s good to hear another good pizza place opening in SD…

  2. I can’t thank that waiter enough for his recommendation. Watch, after people read this post, they will start doing that, ha ha.

    When I went today with Cathy, they were putting up the sign on the building!

    • The pizzas you and Cathy ordered today sound so good! I need to bring Mr. K there. I also need to try adding mascarpone more often to custom pizzas

  3. Huh, I’ve never tried mascarpone on pizza, either. I’m in love with sweet ricotta and mascarpone isn’t too far off from that so it sounds excellent.

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