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THE LOT Liberty Station

photo of the outside of The Lot at Liberty Station
THE LOT Liberty Station is a restaurant and luxury movie theater. I haven’t yet experienced the movie theater which includes leather reclining seats and food service. However, I did recently visit the restaurant for breakfast.
photo of the dining area at The Lot
I was drawn to the glass-enclosed restaurant space a few months ago while driving through Liberty Station and knew I had to come back to check it out. Upon entering, the space is even more beautiful.
photo of another dining area at the lot
I met caninecologne (“CC” for the rest of this post) their for breakfast. It was a warm and sunny day which made the space look even more pretty.

Coffee Soda
Coffee Soda
CC started with a coffee soda, featuring coffee from James Coffee in Little Italy.

Salmon Omelet
smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives, roasted rosemary potatoes on the side
Salmon Omelet The Lot Liberty Station
This was my order. Sort of. CC had ordered a side of sausages, but somehow they ended up on my plate. At first the server offered to re-plate but then forgot, so CC did it herself.
close up photo of the Salmon Omelet
I really enjoyed my salmon omelet. It was fluffy and light, filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives. It was served with roasted rosemary potatoes. The potatoes had a good flavor but could have been a little crisper.

Garden Eggs
eggs, Gruyere cheese, fava beans, grilled asparagus, cherry tomato, leeks, fresno peppers, fresh herbs, grilled rustic bread
photo of the Garden Eggs
This was CC’s plate minus her sausages. Unfortunately, this plate was missing several of the ingredients that CC had been looking forward to based on the menu item description. Specifically, the asparagus, fresh herbs and gruyere cheese.

After an inquiry with the server, the manager came to check on us and offered to correct her plate.

While we waited for her new plate, the manager also offered her a pastry from their freshly baked assorted pastry basket. She chose this chocolate croissant.
chocolate croissant

Here is her new plate! Quite a bit different from the old one though we did notice that the fava beans were now missing. Oh well.
photo of the egg dish with sausage
Overall, despite the kitchen and service confusion, we still had a fairly good time here. The manager ended up taking CC’s food off of the bill. I’ve been wanting to come back with Mr. K for brunch since it’s such a beautiful dining space and they take reservations. CC actually came back a few weeks later with some friends and she had a much better experience with great service.

You can read Caninecologne’s post here.

THE LOT Liberty Station
2620 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

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  1. Their sausage was really flavorful!  My second visit went much smoother.  I’d like to come back for dinner one of these days.

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