Tiramisu Brownies

Have you ever had tiramisu brownies? I’ve personally never seen or heard of them, but the idea sounded delicious.

When I received my pack of Barista Prima Italian Roast K-Cup which I got from being a part of the K-Cup ambassador program, I was also given a recipe for tiramisu brownies. Genius!

The original recipe used a whopping amount of eggs. 12 of them. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice so many eggs to make brownies. So I decided to use a premade brownie mix and make a few more tweaks to the recipe.

While these turned out alright, my biggest issue was that it was really hard to swirl the cheese and brownie mix for the top layer because you end up crushing the ladyfingers. As a result, the surface of the brownies doesn’t look very appetizing. The side profile is much prettier, where you can see the cross section of the ladyfingers.

I think my mistake was in trying to swirl the cheese into the brownie batter. When I re-read the instructions after for the original recipe, it says to pour the cheese mixture over the ladyfingers and then drop brownie batter on top and swirl. I will have to try this next time.


Taste wise, this was pretty good. Perhaps because of my tweaks, this tastes more like brownies flavored with tiramisu rather than a brownie version of tiramisu.

Tiramisu Brownies


1 package of premade brownie mix (I used Ghiradelli)
14-16 ladyfingers
8 oz mascarpone cheese
8 oz cream cheese
1/4 cup sugar
4 egg whites
1 cup brewed bold Italian coffee
3 tbsp dark rum


1. Grease a 8 x 8 baking pan. Make brownies according to box instructions. Pour a thin layer of brownie mix into the pan (about half of the batter). Line pan with ladyfingers so that they line up side by side without any gaps.
2. In a small bowl, stir the rum and coffee. Using a pastry brush, brush tops of lady fingers with coffee mixture until they are saturated. Pour remaining brownie mix on top and spread evenly across pan. (next time, I would reverse this with the cheese. So pour the cheese mixture over ladyfingers and then drop brownie batter and swirl).
3. On high speed mix the cheeses and sugar and egg whites. Place large drops of cheese mixture on top of brownie batter and then swirl figure 8's with a knife. Careful not to rip into ladyfingers.
4. Bake according to brownie mix instructions.

Adapted from recipe provided by Barista Prima Italian

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6 comments on “Tiramisu Brownies”

  1. Ummm, these look AWESOME.

  2. Wow. I LOVE tiramisu but have never heard of Tiramisu brownies before. What a fantastic idea! 🙂

  3. I love the idea, the only thing I will change is making the brownie mix from scratch…(0:
    Can’t wait to eat them!

    • Of course you can make it from scratch. I just haven’t really found a quick brownie recipe that I love. The ones I like are time consuming. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

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