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Little Sheep Deluxe Special

With the weather warming up, Little Sheep is once again offering several discounts. I personally don’t mind eating hot pot no matter how hot it gets so I love the summer specials. Once again, they’ve reinstated Crazy Tuesdays where they offer all you can eat for a set price. They also have their weekday lunch special for $9.95 and a new-to-me deluxe combo box for $14.95.

The deluxe combo offers bigger portions than the lunch special and contains a few extra ingredients. My favorite part is that in addition to being offered all day Monday through Friday, it is also offered for lunch on weekends.

The soup base, which is usually a separate charge per person, is also included in the deluxe special (same with the lunch special). We always order the original. I love all the herbs and spices they use.

The deluxe combo comes with your choice of meat and everything else is set. I chose lamb, Mr. K chose beef.

There was quite a healthy serving of meat in our box sets, along with tofu, homemade shrimp ball, fish balls, beef balls, daikon, noodles, lotus root, corn, kabocha, mushrooms, and various greens.

This was quite filling and we ended up with leftovers enough for another meal. I love bringing back to the leftover soup and adding more ingredients.

Usually when we come eat here without a deal, our bill ends up running quite high because we order so many different small dishes to get a variety. This deluxe box offers almost all of our favorites for a much cheaper price.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot & Grill
4718 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 274-2040

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2 comments on “Little Sheep Deluxe Special”

  1. I just tried this a week ago! It’s such a great deal. Unfortunately, they forgot our order making us wait 45 minutes to eat and instead of apologizing, they just made some poor excuse about being busy. :/

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