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Top Ten Meals of 2011

Last year around this time, several of the food bloggers I follow compiled their top ten meal lists for the year. I knew it was something I wanted to try this year. It was fun reminiscing over all the meals I’ve had this year, though it was hard selecting my top ten. Here they are:

10. Snooze A.M. Eatery

It’s only been opened a short while in San Diego, but I’ve already dined there twice and love it. Solid food and a super friendly staff makes this place one of my favorites for brunch. I especially adore the eggs benedict variations and different pancake offerings.  Full post can be found here.

9. Coop’s BBQ

My experience with bbq is pretty limited, but Coop’s is the best bbq I’ve tasted to date. The meat is smoked all the way through, and manages to stay moist and tender too. I can’t get enough of the brisket, ribs, and red beans and rice. Full post can be found here.

8. Kyochon

I’ve always loved wings and like them as crispy as possible. After discovering Kyochon wings, it’s hard to eat anything else. The wings are fried twice, creating an amazingly thin and crispy skin like no other. The soy garlic taste is also quite addicting. I think I’ve eaten a couple hundred of these this year. Full post can be found here.

7. Kome Buffet

For around $23 per person you get access to a buffet offering high quality sushi, desserts, lobster, dim sum, and more. You don’t often see uni offered at buffets, but it’s offered here. I love indulging on uni, lobster, sashimi, duck, mango mousse and green tea ice cream. Full post can be found here.

6. Sushi Shibucho

FH and I love omakase-style sushi at the sushi bar. Sushi Shibucho may not be the best omakase we’ve had, but it was the best bargain. We had 18 pieces of high quality fish and 3 non-fish bites for the price of $50 per person. I also had my best bite of uni and best bite of tuna for 2011 here as well. Full post can be found here.

5. Hakkai Shabu Shabu

I’ve never seen as many hot pot items as I saw at the hot pot buffet display at Hakkai in Taiwan. Endless rows of ingredients to add to your hot pot, as well as a large selection of drinks, desserts, and even beer all for a mere $15 per person. Full post can be found here.

4. Scarpetta

I’ve only dined here so far for brunch, but I fell in love with Chef Conant’s famous spaghetti. During Sunday brunch, the view is beautiful, the spaghetti is unlimited, along with many other tasty bites. A whole entire room is dedicated to Executive Pastry Chef Richard Ruskell’s desserts, and we tasted truffle essence cavier from the Beverly Hills Cheese Shop. Getting to see Tyra Banks and Chef Scott Conant in the flesh was pretty exhilarating too. Full post can be found here.

3. Sea Harbor Restaurant

With over 100 items on their menu, this high end dim sum was some of the tastiest dim sum I’ve ever experienced. Even classic treats like shrimp har gow were substantially bigger than ones I’m used to eating. The scallop and shark fin dumplings and live carp porridge were some of my favorite bites. Full post can be found here.

2. Kaito

Our first visit to Kaito remains one of the most memorable meals of all time for me. But our second one which occurred this year was almost just as good as our first. Endless amazing bites of fish accompanied by the company of Sushi Chef Joe made this one mouthwatering meal. Full post can be found here.

1. Providence

Nine course tasting menu at a two star Michelin restaurant. The food was amazing, the experience was lengthy but delicious. Oh and the little surprise from FH after the meal didn’t hurt either. Full post can be found here.

And that wraps it up. Some that didn’t quite make the cut, but deserve an honorable mention: AnimalWorld Trade Center Club, The Mission, Relate. Here’s hoping 2012 is full of even more memorable meals!

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20 comments on “Top Ten Meals of 2011”

  1. happy new year! every year i think about doing a top ten, but never have time. maybe next year!!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Only found it a few months ago but I love the down-to earth honesty of your reviews and the great selection of recipes. Gotta love those cookie recipes.

    I am really going to make notes on your posts for when I can finally make it to the States. We’re kind of opposite ends of the globe so I really have make it the Foodie Road Trip of the Century since I might only be able to afford one shot at it.

    I prefer reading your blog to Gourmet magazine. Love that you can go from burgers to chicken feet and back to hot dogs without fear. You are very cool.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Judy! Thanks so much for the kind words. They really mean a lot! I hope you can come to the States for the ultimate Foodie Road trip!

  3. always enjoy reading your blog! happy eating in the new year!

  4. Nice recap! Happy New Year to you & FH!

  5. Nice list Kirbie! Hope you have a great New Year!

  6. A fantastically delicious list! Happy new year!!

  7. GREAT recap, kirbie! I’ve been complaining to everyone that will listen that there are much fewer good dining options in SD than in the Bay. Clearly I haven’t been exploring enough, though!! I’m excited to try all these out–hopefully I won’t blow the bank (those price increases for Providence almost made my jaw drop).

    • There’s a lot of great places in the Bay too! I haven’t explored most of the Bay ones because my parents just like chinese when I go home and my trips home are so short. SD has a few gems, but I do find myself going to LA a lot.

  8. I LOVE your ring! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on your engagement, and best of luck planning your wedding and future together.

  9. Happy New Year Kirbie and FH!

  10. Well we’ve got two of the same, and I nearly put Shibucho on mine as well. Here’s to an even better 2012!