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Toscana Cafe and Wine Bar

DH and I have been on the hunt for a “go to” little Italian restaurant. That restaurant that might not be the best of the best, but you frequent it whenever you are looking for familiarity, comfort, reliability of a good meal and one you can take your friends to.

DH loves Italian food and for most of the time we’ve been together, we’ve always had a little Italian spot we could count on. Over the years, our “go to” spot kept changing due to a decline in quality or maybe because our own tastes have changed.

For a better part of two years now, we haven’t had that “go to” spot. We recently visited Toscana Cafe, and I’m happy to say we’ve found our new little Italian spot.

Toscana Cafe started out exclusively as a wine bar. While the wine bar still exists, it’s since expanded to include a full dining menu, which we really enjoyed.

Taste of Tuscany Sampler Plate
An assortment of our most popular items perfect for sharing. Fresh House-Made Bruschetta, assorted Imported Cheeses, Toscana Mediterranean Dip, Kalamata Olives, assorted Italian Delicatessen Meats and grilled Garlic Crostini

We started the night with this sampler plate because there were so many appetizers I wanted to try and this let me try a lot at once. I thought the sampler plate at Toscana was just alright. I only enjoyed certain elements. I wasn’t a fan of the bruschetta which I thought had far more garlic than traditional bruschetta, but I did enjoy the imported meats and the Mediterranean dip. Next time I think I’ll try ordering one of the appetizers not featured on the sampler plate.

Filet Mignon and Scallops
Pan seared Angus Choice Filet Mignon served with Mushroom Spinach Risotto and Sautéed Fresh Vegetables and drizzled with Red Wine Demi-Glaze reduction

For my main course, I ordered their surf and turf special of the day, which was similar to the filet mignon entree on the regular menu except that there are also seared scallops.  I was really impressed with the quality of the filet mignon. Lately, I’ve been to a lot of restaurants that use a cheaper quality filet mignon, and you can definitely taste the difference. The meat was cooked to a medium rare as requested, and was tender and melt-in-your-mouth.

I enjoyed the risotto as well, which was mixed with some mushrooms and spinach.

My one miss on the plate were the scallops, which had a sauce on the top that was way too salty.

Pescado Milano
Fresh California Sea Bass, lightly pan-seared and topped with herb marinated grilled Shrimp, served on a bed of Risotto with Caper Beurre Blanc Sauce and a side of sautéed Asparagus

I was hoping DH would choose a pasta dish so we could check out their pasta preparations, but he had his eye on the pan seared fish, which is also served with risotto. We both really enjoyed the fish, though his risotto was a little salty.

The portions were quite generous, the staff attentive. We were so full we didn’t have room for dessert and I couldn’t even finish my entree, though I definitely will make sure to leave room for dessert next time. We left pretty happy with the meal we had here and vowed to be back. A few days after, I found a Living Social deal for it, so we’ll be back again really soon.

Please note, this particular meal was complimentary, though we already have plans to go back again because we really had a good time. As always, my opinions are my own.

Toscana Cafe and Wine Bar
238 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

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6 comments on “Toscana Cafe and Wine Bar”

  1. Mmm, that filet looks awesome!

  2. Wow looks great! I haven’t had Italian food in the longest time. I wonder if the deal is still there 😛

    • Unfortunately, it’s not =( If it was still active, I would have linked to it. Was trying to get the post done sooner, but I saw the Living Social deal literally the day after my meal here. But keep on the lookout, because I know it’s not the first time they’ve done one of those dining deals so they may do another one in the future.

  3. Agreed Kirbie…I love this place. There are so many places near me to eat I often forget about it; thanks for the reminder.

    • I know what you mean. DH is constantly complaining that we don’t get to revisit places we like often enough because we’re always trying out new stuff. So many favorites get forgotten on my list too.