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Trader Joe’s October Edition

Sharing my October grocery haul from Trader Joe’s including new and featured Fearless Flyer items like maple ginger cookie swirl ice cream, riced cauliflower & butternut squash risotto, and pumpkin spice granola bark. I also have a low carb items section towards the end of this post.

Trader Joe’s Maple Streusel Bread
This is similar to the blueberry streusel bread I tried in August. I like that this is a bread and not a loaf cake. It’s especially delicious toasted. I could do without the icing as I do think it makes the bread a little too sweet.

Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Croissant Loaf
This croissant loaf was next to the streusel bread and I couldn’t resist picking one up to try. I loved this bread! Each slice is full of flaky croissant layers. It tastes best toasted.

Kiwi Berries
This is my first time trying kiwi berries. They are so darn cute! The berries look like miniature kiwi but without the fuzzy skin. They are slightly sweeter than regular kiwi and you can eat the entire berry.

Chocolatissimo Premium Harvest Collection Belgian Chocolates
These chocolates are super cute. Many of them feature white chocolate, which was a little too sweet for me.

Spiced Pumpkin Madeleines
I love madeleines so I was really excited to see this pumpkin version. I liked these a lot and the spices weren’t too strong.

Trader Joe’s Maple Ginger Cookie Swirl Ice Cream
I wished there were some more ginger cookie pieces in the ice cream, but I enjoyed it overall. It’s nice to see more Fall flavors being offered other than just pumpkin

Trader Joe’s Apple Cider Jam
I love how thick this jam is with so many chunks of apples.

Trader Joe’s Organic Maple Butter
I’ve never had maple syrup like this before: so creamy and thick that it looks like butter. This was fun and delicious. I think it tastes great spread on the croissant bread.

Organic Pumpkin Spice Granola Bark
The granola bark is full of pumpkin spice. The chocolate makes it a little messy to eat though.

Trader Joe’s Coffee Lover’s Espresso Beans
My friend showed me these a few months ago but I wasn’t able to find them at my local Trader Joe’s. Now that they are featured in this month’s Fearless Flyer, they were back in stock at my Trader Joe’s. I love chocolate covered espresso beans and I especially love that these ones have different flavors and colors.

Low Carb Items at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Lime Almond Dip
I love trying out Trader Joe’s dips. This version was a little grainy because of all the crushed almonds. I would prefer something a little creamier.

Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower & Butternut Squash Risotto
I love using cauliflower rice to make a low carb version of risotto, so I was excited to try this. There were generous pieces of butternut squash and the risotto tasted light, herby and Fall-like.

Trader Joe’s Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals
I was also excited to try this one. I love spaghetti squash. Usually, spaghetti squash are shredded to thin noodle strands, but this version features thicker spirals which I really liked. I also enjoyed the tomato and pumpkin sauce. My only issue was how little there was.The package says it makes three servings, but it seems more like one serving.

Trader Joe’s Butternut Squash Alfredo Sauce
This creamy sauce is slightly sweet with a strong butternut squash flavor. I enjoyed it and it pairs well with pasta.

That’s all for now! You can find more seasonal items from the October Fearless Flyer in my September post or just out my most recent November haul.

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8 comments on “Trader Joe’s October Edition”

  1. I really love these Trader Joe’s posts. I am going in the near future and will pick up the Maple Cream and Madelines. I was curious about the chocolates and glad you pointed out that they feature white chocolate. I also saw kiwi berries at the 99 cent store.

  2. I read this post yesterday and went straight to Traders Joe’s today for the kiwi berries. I had them at my brother’s wedding in Hawaii in April and loved them (I live in New England and appreciate the reminder of the warm weather). Thanks for the heads up.

    I tried that almond dip several months ago and was underwhelmed. Have you ever had Bitchin Sauce? It’s a creamy almond dip I’ve only encountered out west. The chipotle flavor is the best. You should try it and then recreate it for an upcoming blog post 😉

    • I’m so glad you were able to find the kiwi berries! I’ve heard of Bitchin Sauce but haven’t tried it before. I will need to look for it.

  3. The organic maple butter looks so good. Very thick too. I am curious what you ate with the almond dips. Is it meant to he eaten with chips or vegetables?

  4. Ooh I wonder how the maple butter is made! I’ll have to try that out. Also I love those kiwi berries – sooo cute! Have you ever tried the butternut squash ravioli? I think it’s actually available all-year round but I like picking it up in the fall to fit the theme 🙂 Love your round-up as always!