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Trust Restaurant

photo of the outside Trust Restaurant

Trust Restaurant recently opened in Hillcrest. When I first read about the new restaurant, I was immediately intrigued by the name. After all, trust is a small word that holds a lot of meaning.

I was even more interested once I perused the menu. I spent over a week debating whether to visit for brunch or dinner first, as both menus had items that caught  my attention. In the end, my love for sweets won out and we went for brunch so I could try their Ultimate Sticky Bun.

Ultimate Sticky Bun
photo of a Ultimate Sticky Bun
Now can you see why I had to come here for brunch? This item is made in limited quantities on the weekends. A fluffy cinnamon-swirl bun, covered in sticky glaze and chopped pecans and served with a scoop of ice cream. This did not disappoint.
photo of an irish coffee
They have a nice selection of brunch cocktails and this Irish coffee was the perfect compliment to the sweet sticky bun.

Brussels Sprouts Toast
photo of Brussels Sprouts Toast
This was like a New American twist on eggs benedict. Crusty toast topped with a ham puree spread, roasted brussels sprouts, poached eggs, and mustard hollandaise. It was accompanied with parmesan breakfast potatoes and onions. The potatoes were creamy, slightly crispy around the edges and some of the best breakfast potatoes I’ve had in a while. I really enjoyed my sprouts and the toast, though found it a little hard to eat altogether. The ham puree was a little too tangy for my liking, but it suited Mr. K’s tastes more, so he helped me finish it.
close-up photo of Brussels Sprouts Toast

Wood Grill Burger (Trust Way)
photo of Wood Grill Burger
Mr. K ordered their signature burger. The “Trust Way” includes house-cured bacon and a sunny side egg. He ordered the burger a medium rare and it was cooked just right.

The burger was packed with flavors, from the acidity of the pickled onions, to the sweet smokiness of the bacon tomato jam, and the savory saltiness of the patty and cheese.
close-up photo of Wood Grill Burger
Overall, we had a good first visit here. I am more excited to come check this place out for dinner as there were many items on the dinner menu that caught my eye. We’ll be back soon.

Trust Restaurant
3752 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103

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10 comments on “Trust Restaurant”

  1. OMG. that bacon on top warrants a comment on its own haha. sticky bun is tempting even though i normally don’t eat things like that. 😉

  2. Looks like a good place!  Your cinnamon bun is pretty much dessert! 🙂  One of my friends went here and really liked it.

  3. Whoa, the burger looks ridiculous… are the slices of meat the top the house-cured bacon? Looks almost pastrami-like.

  4. That burger looks awesome!  I love having lots of bacon on my burger.

  5. looks great!  i want to go, soon.  Brunch AND dinner !

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