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I haven’t been back to Up2yoü Cafe since it first opened. After reading several posts on other blogs, I really wanted to revisit. Mr. K and I have gotten into the habit of calling it “Up Yours” ever since he called it that on our first visit because that is what the cafe sign looks like from a distance.

The menu had changed somewhat since our initial trip. Gone is the snow ice. But they have added several items like crepes and waffles.

Honey Brick Toast with Matcha Ice Cream

They changed the cut of the toast they used since our first visit, which is why I wanted to revisit to begin with. The toast is now thicker cut, though also less wide. I like the thicker cut slices because it makes the toast look so tall.

I still don’t like how buttery the toast is. My favorite way to eat brick toast is the condensed milk version. I’ve also had with with a sugar butter mixture. At Up 2 You, it appears that they drizzle butter and honey separately. I like the honey but I don’t like tasting the butter solo.

I do think the toast has improved since our last visit, but I actually prefer my own homemade versions (here and here).

Milk Tea with Honey Boba

I like that they still use mason jars for their drinks. I’m a big fan of places that cook the boba with honey. Unfortunately, the boba wasn’t very good. It was too hard.

We had an okay experience here. We’ll have to try the crepes and waffles next time. The place was quite busy and just like our first visit, it took a long time for our toast and drink to arrive. You can read my original post here.

Up2yoü Cafe
7770 Vickers St
San Diego, CA 92111

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8 comments on “Up 2 You”

  1. uld you include prices?

  2. We were just there last week but they had NO a/c and the place was packed so we just left 🙁 But the brick toast and the matcha ice cream would have been sooo good on a hot day. Too bad the boba wasn’t that great though…

    • We went in the evening so it wasn’t too hot, but it was pretty packed. We saw some people wait in line and then just leave.

  3. I like the buttery toast, but yeah, I can see how it can be “too much”. Their service is so slow it’s not even funny. They need to improve on the speed of their delivery.

    • Yeah I was hoping they would have gotten faster, but guess not. I think the butter thing is just a personal preference. I don’t usually put butter on my toast.

  4. Wow the brick toast does look different… I actually have not been back to Up 2 You ever since I started making my own brick toast from your recipe 🙂

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