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Yum Cha revisit

It’s been a while since we went back to Yum Cha for their cheap dim sum. (I believe the current prices are $1.39 for “A” dishes and $1.79 for “B” dishes.) Recently, mmm-yoso did a post about their 3 item bbq combo which made me want to go back.

As I recall, previously the bbq meats at Yum Cha were on the expensive side, which I thought was odd given how cheap the rest of the items are in the cafe.

Right now they have a special for $4.39 for bbq pork, chicken and roasted duck and rice. The portions are quite generous and enough for a few meals. Since we had so many people we got two orders. Interestingly, one order was a lot bigger than the other one. I thought the duck was really bland. The bbq pork was surprisingly not too salty. The best item was the bbq chicken.

We also picked up some dim sum items as well. I love that they serve dim sum all day long.

Steamed lucky cake.  I didn’t see this on my previous visits. It’s eaten during Chinese New Year so I’m not sure if it may be a seasonal item only. It was slightly on the dry side but still pretty good.

Fried chicken wings are also a new item. An order gives you 6 wings. The wings were just okay, nothing special.

Shrimp dumplings (this is two orders worth)

Egg tarts


Radish cakes

Fried shrimp balls. These used to be filled with only shrimp. Now they have added corn kernels to the batter.

Steamed tripe

Honeycomb tripe

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Yum Cha Cafe
6933 Linda Vista Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

5 comments on “Yum Cha revisit”

  1. I haven’t had Steamed Lucky Cake in years! My grandma used to make them, in muffin form like the ones you had, but she took on some Western adaptations. She made them with Bisquick mix! I wish I had learned how to make them, her mental health had since deteriorated so no dice. She also made a fried bun/dumpling kind of treat using premade biscuits from a tube. Each biscuit was flattened and filled with beef or pork and chives. She folded them into half-moons and sealed and then pan fried until browned on both sides.

    • Wow, lucky cake with bisquick mix? I’ve never heard of that but it seems like such a great idea. It’s too bad you didn’t get to learn how to make them. =( I’ve steamed premade biscuit tubes and they taste like mantou/steamed buns. But I didn’t know that it would work with frying. I haven’t made any Lucky cake before, I’m going to have to try making my own sometime.

  2. Hi Kirbie – Thanks for the mention. I thought the chicken was the best item on that combination plate as well. I got three meals out of one plate……..

    • Unfortunately, the item I was least interested in was the chicken! I was sad about the duck. We had 6 people eating two orders. I think I only got one piece of each…

  3. Yum Cha’s bbq chicken meal is simply excellent.

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