This spicy, cheesy dip is a perfect “game day” TV viewing food.

Football season has started and while we don’t actually watch any games in our house except the Super Bowl, I have been in the mood for TV viewing snacks. This spicy buffalo chicken dip is a perfect choice. I made a sriracha buffalo sauce rather than using regular buffalo hot sauce. While I’m not quite sriracha obsessed, I do prefer it to other hot sauces because of the complexity of flavors.

Last week, we revisited Friend’s House Korean, a restaurant we haven’t been back to in years.

The interior looked just like how we remembered it from old visits: a homey feel with various knickknacks decorating the booths.

After we ordered, we were presented with 8 complimentary banchan dishes. I wish they weren’t all vegetable based ones. A seafood one would have been nice.

Dolsot Bibimbap

Mr. K ordered the hot stone pot. The rice got a very nice crunchy crust which I really enjoyed. I did feel though, that even with the rest of the ingredients mixed in, it was a little bland.

These fruit cones are like mini cornucopias and are perfect for a party.

This weekend we had some friends over for a house party and one of the items I served were these mini fruit cornucopias. I had the idea pinned on my “party ideas” pinterest board for over a year and am happy I finally got to use it.

I had a busy, but really, really fun weekend. I had some good friends over for a party, I met and spoke with Anthony Bourdain … you know, the usual stuff. ;-) (I will tell you more about the latter in the future. I saw him while visiting the set of ABC’s The Taste, but I can’t share or say anything more beyond that for now.)