While going through my memory card, I realized I never posted about these Biscoff spread filled donut holes. It almost seems like I just made them though because I’ve had insatiable Biscoff cravings lately. I’ve been consuming the cookies like crazy and haven’t gotten sick of them.

For those not yet familiar, Biscoff is a European spice biscuit cookie. The spread is a cookie butter that tastes just like the cookies but in a spreadable format. If you haven’t yet tried it, I highly recommend it. You can find it at some Walmarts, Vons, World Market. You can also buy it from the Lotus Bakery website or on Amazon.

These fluffy bite-sized donut holes are filled with creamy Biscoff spread.

As I mentioned in my Wendy’s Flatbread post, last month I got to tour Wendy’s Headquarters. I always love getting the behind-the-scenes look for things, so I was quite excited on being invited.

In addition to trying the Flatbread Chicken Sandwich, we also got to sample some other new upcoming limited edition menu items and we learned a little more about Wendy’s process to launch a campaign and their other practices.

Berry Almond Chicken Salad

This has been on the Wendy’s menu before, but they will once again be bringing it back as a limited edition menu item, between May and Labor Day

We sampled a half salad (280 calories). I liked the colorfulness with the fresh berries and the toasted almond slivers. It’s served with a raspberry acai dressing (apparently their #2 selling dressing even though it’s only available for 3 months out of the year).

Moonlight Meal Deal

Also in May, they will be launching a moonlight meal deal which I know Mr. K will love. It’s available after 10 PM and for $5 you receive chili cheese fries, a double stack burger and a large drink.  We got to try the meal deal minus the drink during our visit and I know Mr. K and I will be visiting Wendy’s once it launches.

I made a Nutella mousse this weekend that is super easy and healthier than regular mousse.

Mr. K and I both love chocolate mousse but I’m always too lazy to make the traditional version. This one is super tasty and you don’t taste the healthy secret ingredient.