Please note, the giveaway portion is now over. Congratulations to entry #41!

Do you love peanut butter cups? As a child, my favorite candy was peanut butter cups. It is what I coveted most from the stash of Halloween treats I collected every year and I could eat several in one sitting.

Recently I was provided with a sample of Unreal’s peanut butter cups. Unreal is a candy company which is trying to “unjunk candy” by getting rid of the artificial ingredients, preservatives, etc. These peanut butter cups, called Unreal 77, have less sugar and no GMOs, no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup, and no artificial ingredients.

I loved them. They taste just like peanut butter cups should. And I felt even better eating them knowing that they are healthier. Unreal is generously offering to give one of my readers a large stash of peanut butter cups. More information on the giveaway is at the end of this post.

After eating four in a row (eek!), I thought I’d use some up for baking. I made these easy three ingredient cookies using the candy that taste great. Crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside.

It’s that time of year again when the majority of fast food chains offer some sort of fish offering for those not eating meat on Fridays during Lent.

DH observes Lent, so the last few years I’ve done seafood Fridays with him, mainly so that he sticks to it.

We actually don’t eat a lot of fast food on Fridays. Instead, I’ll grill some salmon, make some seafood curry, etc. But I actually like to try out all the different fast food fish options, so we usually will go around and try a few on the weekends or during random days of the week and DH will usually get fast food during lunch at work.

One thing I’ve come to realize with fast food chains is that even though it shouldn’t matter which location you get your food from, it does make a difference. So your mileage may vary for any of these items and I’d suggest getting them at your favorite local location of the chain.

Here’s a round-up of the ones we’ve tried this year:

Carl’s Jr Charbroiled Cod Fish Sandwich

This is a new item for Carl’s Jr. this year. I saw the commercial during the Super Bowl and was immediately intrigued by a the fact that Carl’s Jr. was offering a non-fried fish sandwich. It’s the first fast food chain I’ve seen do that.

I enjoyed this sandwich and it’s one of my favorite of the fish offerings I’ve tried this year. The fish is seasoned with black pepper. It’s placed on a thick bun, accompanied with some iceberg lettuce and tartar sauce. I thought the fish was flavorful and I loved how much healthier it is compared to the fried fish sandwiches.

We had this one a few times. On one occasion, DH got it from a location near his work and he didn’t enjoy it at all. But when we got it from our usual Carl’s Jr. spot, we both enjoyed it.

McDonald’s Fish McBites

I don’t normally like commercials with catchy annoying songs, but for some reason, the Fish McBites song hasn’t been annoying me as much as I would have thought. And I was really really excited to check these out.

McDonald’s has always had their fish sandwich, so I was surprised and happy to see them add to the menu. What I especially like about these is that they are not the same as the fish sandwich. The batter for the fish bites has more seasoning, making the fish bites more flavorful. I had read some reviews that said the bites were oily, but the ones I had weren’t oily at all.

My blog just turned four years old!

I get excited by each milestone and like doing these reflection posts each year.

There’s been quite a few changes between last year and this one, but most of them have been personal.

Of course there was the biggest change: getting married. And all the stuff that comes with that: adjusting to having a husband, sharing money, living together, etc.

There was also some big changes in my family life. Previously my siblings were a big part of the blog. We ate out together at least once a week, I deposited my sugary creations to them so that I wouldn’t eat them all and get diabetes, and we lived together. Shortly after I got married, they up and all moved out of San Diego within a span of a few months. My parents have wanted us to all move back to the Bay Area and they successfully convinced two of their kids to do so. They are still working on me. But I really love San Diego.

My youngest brother, often referred to as Baby Brother on the blog, left San Diego for the East Coast. If you haven’t yet heard from my mother or him, he got into Harvard Dental School. Even though we are all pretty proud, having him move so far away has been a big adjustment. My parents had successfully kept us all in one state until now, so it’s been a big change having him all the way on the east coast.

So most of my family has left San Diego and I’ve lost the weekly family dinners, which is a little sad. Though my wallet is much happier since it took quite a dent to take out my siblings and their significant others every week. I also lost them as an outlet to deposit all my baked goods. Luckily I’ve found other sources. I have twin cousins in San Diego and some college-aged friends who don’t need to watch what they eat.

On the blog front, I’m continually surprised and happy to see more and more people finding the blog and sharing it with others. I’ve met and made new friends, reconnected with ones I lost touch with, strengthened existing friendships, gotten some great opportunities to work with various companies, seen a few of my posts go viral on the internet.

I hope to see the blog continue to grow, but at the same time, I want to always stick to what is important. A wise man recently reminded me what was important and it’s a moment I tried very hard to ingrain in my memory forever. We were sitting at a party he had invited me to, surrounded by all his close friends, all of whom I learned that night he had actually met through his blog. And while I’m paraphrasing here, he basically told me: this is what it is all about. He might not blog forever, but he’s made lasting friendships. And of course, I realized he is right.