I recently flew JetBlue when I went on my NYC trip. As you may know, I have an obsession with airplane food and entertainment and I’ve been wanting to fly JetBlue for a long time after hearing about it’s unlimited snacks and personal tvs.

My flight ended up being even better than I imagined. I had to keep reminding myself I was flying a regular domestic economy flight because it almost felt like I was on an international flight, especially with all the free perks.

Unlimited Snacks

At the beginning of the flight, they pass around a snack basket containing about six different items: animal crackers, gourmet nuts, chocolate chip cookies, pop chips, Doritos and Terra Blues chips. You’re encouraged to grab as many bags as you want.

Later on, baskets are placed at the back of the plane near the restrooms, so that you can help yourself to more. My favorite were the BBQ Terra Blues and the Kettle flavored popcorn chips.

Personal TVs

My favorite peanut butter cookie recipe is this flourless peanut butter cookie recipe I posted about last year.

Recently, I came across a variation adding oats to the batter on Domestic Fits. Same easy batter, but with healthy oats added to it. Genius!


Monello 1
I’ve heard great things about Monello, an Italian restaurant specializing in street cuisine. I’ve heard especially good things about their pizza and happy hour.

So this past weekend, Mr. K and I went to check out both.

Between 4-7pm, they serve Milanese Aperitivo, which is their version of happy hour, at the bar and on the patio. For each regular-priced cocktail you order, they give you three complimentary small dishes.

Meals start with complimentary Lupini beans.
Monello Restaurant
Lightly salted, these are similar to edamame beans. You pop them in your mouth and throw out the shell.

Sweet Vermouth (rock & twist)
Monello Restaurant

The vermouth is made in house and I absolutely love it. I tasted it once before and have been wanting to get a full size version ever since.
Monello Restaurant

Monello Restaurant
Mr. K chose this version which is sweet vermouth mixed with club soda. We both preferred the rock & twist version I ordered because the club soda diluted the sweet vermouth and made the drink more bitter.

Potatoes, Saffron bread pudding, Panini