We recently paid a revisit to Dunkin’ Donuts and were happy to see that the hype has died down and there are no longer long lines.

Despite it being near closing time, there was still a good selection of donuts. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of the display since the employees were constantly in front of it getting donut orders prepared for customers.

Since Easter is right around the corner, they were featuring peep donuts perched on flower shaped donuts. Normally I don’t care to eat peeps, but these were just so adorable. And since donuts are all the same price at Dunkin Donuts, even these specially decorated ones cost the same as the rest.

In addition to the peep donut, we also got a sour cream old fashioned donut, a glazed chocolate cake, toasted coconut, and powdered chocolate cake.

The sour cream old fashioned is much softer than other old-fashioned donuts I’ve had, but it was incredibly moist. I do wish it wasn’t so soft, and would have preferred a firmer exterior.

I’ve been working on a creating a better version of my single serving peanut butter flavored cookie.

I previously made an eggless version. It was thick and rich, but I wanted something that is more crispy and chewy.

Now this is a cookie. This cookie has crispy edges and flattened out while baking, which is what I was looking for. I couldn’t quite get the chewy part, probably because of how thick peanut butter is. Still, this was enjoyable and chock full of peanut butter flavor. I studded the surface with peanut butter chips giving it an extra peanut butter boost.

After a disappointing initial visit to San Diego’s branch of Pizzeria Mozza, we’ve been wanting to go back after they had a chance to settle in. I’ve been hearing that the pizzas have gotten better, so we recently went back for another visit.

We munched on crunchy breadsticks as we perused the menu.

Crispy Goat Cheese with Umbrian Lentils

We’ve made a point to try a different appetizer every time we are at a Pizzeria Mozza location. So far we’ve enjoyed them all, but nothing has been worthy of a repeat. The lightly battered goat cheese had a crunchy exterior and very rich and creamy interior. It paired well with the mild flavored lentils. Again, we found this dish enjoyable but not one we’d repeat.

Prosciutto di Parma, tomato & mozzarella