I was recently selected by Kraft and BlogHer to participate in a recipe series featuring a new Kraft product line: Kraft Recipe Makers. This post will detail my initial experience with the product. Later on, there will be an opportunity for a really great giveaway for my readers.

Each box of Kraft Recipe Makers features two complimentary sauces, which are layered together to create a dish that can often be complex but is made much easier with the pre-made sauces provided. As someone who works full time and doesn’t have much energy to cook during the week, I am always looking for ways to make the cooking process go faster.


I was really excited when I received the line of products because of the variety of entrees offered. There were 9 boxes provided to make dishes like Chicken Cacciatore, Pot Roast, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and more. There are dishes designed for the oven, slow cooker and skillet. In addition to the nine featured dishes, the packages and Kraft’s website provide other recipe suggestions that can be made with the pre-made sauces, giving you even more variety.

I wanted to try one of them out right away, so I chose the Chicken Bruschetta Pasta, which is an easy skillet one. The directions on the box were simple. It took about 20 minutes to prepare and I was able to surprise Mr. K with a weekday dinner that didn’t consist of reheating restaurant leftovers.

Here are the sauces that were contained in the Chicken Bruschetta Pasta box. I love the mini basil garlic sauce bottle!

First you boil your pasta and then drain it:

Thai iced tea

Mr. K and I both love Thai Iced Tea and it’s something Mr. K almost always orders when we are at a Thai restaurant. I’ve always known that it’s pretty easy to make, but for some reason I never bothered to try until now.

Recently, I came across quite a few Thai iced tea recipes, once again reminding me how easy it is to make your own.
There are two Thai tea brands I often see.

We recently tried out M.I. Tea Express, a new tea cafe that is currently in its soft opening stage. It’s located around the corner from Zion Market, across from Taegukgi BBQ House.

I really love how the relocation of Zion Market has brought about so much business to what was once a pretty empty and vacant plaza.

The store was pretty bare, but they were up and running. The helpful employee who took our order said that the name is pronounced “M.I.T” as in “Made in Taiwan.” I don’t think the owners are actually Taiwanese though. My thought is that it is supposed to be similar to a Taiwanese tea place.

The drink menu was a little confusing because they have a lot of drink names that are not the usual ones and there’s no description provided. Luckily, the employees described each of their top drinks in detail.

Ying Yang Icicles

This is a milk slushy drink with black sugar syrup. It was quite sweet, so next time we’ll have to ask for less sugar. Black sugar syrup is often used on Taiwanese desserts now because it’s supposedly healthier. I found the boba to be too soft in texture.