Cali Baguette Express

Cali Baguette Express recently opened a location on Convoy, to my great excitement. I first read of its opening on mmm-yoso. You can read mmm-yoso’s visit here. Cali Baguette Express is a chain of...


Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

Pictures can be deceiving. Here are three little cupcakes innocently perched. They don’t reflect the frustrating hours before the final product: the three batches of screwed up frosting, the swearing, the screaming, the goopy...

Picture 008

Scarpetta (and seeing Tyra Banks)

Sometimes I come across a blog post, and I immediately “have to” go to try out the restaurant. Such was the case when I read gastronomer’s post on her brunch experience at Scarpetta, located...


French Apple Cake

I love French desserts. I’ve never been to France, but when I go, I’m just going to eat non-stop. French croissants and baguettes for breakfast, macarons and eclairs for snacks; I could go on...


Donutella Cake

Is this cake not the cutest thing? I just had to share this on my blog.


Savory Bubble Buns

I love bubble buns because they let you pull off chunks at a time with your hands without it seeming uncivilized. The first thing I want to do when I see the bubble bun...


Koon Thai Kitchen

Recently Koon Thai Kitchen opened on Convoy Street in the same plaza as Nijiya market, and taking over the location formerly held by Curry House. I have found it remarkable how quick the turnaround...


Avocado Chocolate Cake

Yes this is a cake made with avocado. Not only is it made with avocado, but it is made without butter or eggs. I saw a recipe for avocado chocolate cake about a year...


Smashburger (Downtown San Diego)

Burgers appear to be the new “it” food for 2011, judging by the expansion of burger chains this year. For example, Five Guys is expected to open two hundred locations in 2011. In addition,...


Three Ingredient Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate. I love simple recipes. So when I saw a recipe for a 3 ingredient chocolate cake, of course I had to check it out. Eggs, butter, and chocolate. That’s all you...