Chilly Ribbons

Chilly Ribbons, a snow ice chain originally from Florida, recently opened its first location in San Diego. It plans to have three in total, according to Eater San Diego.

The first one is a kiosk inside Mission Valley, outside of Macy’s, which had its grand opening this weekend. Of course with my snow ice obsession, I had to go check it out immediately.

Chilly Ribbons claims to be the original business to bring snow ice to North America after seeing its popularity in Taiwan.

At the stand, they offered four different snow ice flavors: green tea, coconut, mango and strawberry. There were also two sizes available: Kiddie ($3.75) and Regular ($4.75).  There was a decent amount of toppings to choose from and the first topping is free. Syrup is also included in the price.

This rich Nutella hot chocolate is the perfect beverage to keep you warm this winter.

With this cold weather, I’ve been craving hot cocoa, apple cider and soups.

Lately, I’ve come across several “best hot chocolate” recipes, but my personal favorite is Nutella hot chocolate. Don’t let the light color fool you. The Nutella tastes so rich in this chocolate drink. I made mine with pure milk and Nutella, which is why the coloring is a little light. You can add some cocoa powder for a darker colored beverage.

I popped into my local Trader Joe’s the same day I got the Fearless Flyer. Unfortunately, I was a little too quick, as my store wasn’t even stocked with half of the featured products. But after two more trips, I finally got most of the items I had wanted to try.

Variety Macarons

Over the summer, Trader Joe’s came out with a variety pack of macarons, with six different flavors and shell colors. Then they stopped selling it, which was really sad. They just came out with a new one in the last few months. It’s not the same flavors as the one from the summer but I do love that there is a variety of flavors. They look so much prettier than just having vanilla and chocolate or just pumpkin.

Premium Eggnog Ice Cream

I’ve always enjoyed Trader Joe’s premium seasonal ice creams. This was my first time trying the eggnog. I personally found the eggnog taste too strong. I’m not a big fan of eggnog itself; I usually just like desserts that are eggnog flavored. Since the eggnog flavor was so powerful, I didn’t really like this seasonal flavor, but if you really like eggnog, you might enjoy this.

Frozen Kouign Amann

I’ve discussed my discovery and love for Kouign Amann at length here and here. A lot of people still haven’t heard about it, but it’s definitely becoming more popular. It’s a Breton cake that is similar to a croissant except that the layers of dough have butter and sugar. It’s baked until the exterior is caramelized. The result —when done right— is an amazingly light pastry that is really really delicious. Cathy of mmm-yoso, provided me the tip that Trader Joe’s had a frozen version, so I quickly went out to get it.