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2 Ingredient Keto Pasta

This keto low carb pasta is just 2 ingredients! It’s a quick and easy substitute for regular pasta.
overhead view of plate of 2 ingredient pasta

This post is a little bit lengthy, but it’s because I want to make sure I share enough details so that you know what to expect and so it turns out well.

I came across several posts sharing a 2 ingredient keto pasta recently, and of course I was intrigued! I’ll admit, I was fairly skeptical going in. And I doubted the recipe several times as I made it. But when it was finished, it looked like pasta and my husband didn’t suspect a thing when he ate it.
close-up of fork in pasta

Taste and Texture

I want to make clear that this does not taste the same as traditional pasta made with wheat flour. But it does taste something that resembles noodles–just a bit more cheesy.

The noodles hold up fairly well once they cool. You won’t be able to twirl them around your fork as they aren’t quite as flexible, but they do have a chewy bounciness to them like regular pasta.


All you need for this pasta is mozzarella cheese and egg yolk. This pasta dough is actually very similar to the cheese dough base used in many keto recipes like keto breadsticks and keto bagels.

Steps for Making the Pasta

prep step by step photos for 2 ingredient pasta
The cheese is melted down and mixed with the egg to form a dough. You can then roll the dough out and slice it into thin strips pasta strips.

The dough then needs to sit in the fridge to dry out. So even though the noodles only take a few minutes to make, you will need to prepare this ahead of time. I put mine in the fridge overnight.

The noodles are then cooked in boiling water very briefly. If you cook them too long, they begin to break apart and will just turn into a melty cheese lump.

The noodles must be cooled down over cold water. This will prevent them from sticking together. It will also firm the noodles back up from their melted cheese state.

Serve it with marinara sauce (or pasta sauce of your choice) and it will cover up some of that pure cheese flavor. As I mentioned above, my husband didn’t even suspect anything! He just thought it was a cheesy pasta dish.
plate of 2 ingredient pasta

Recipe now updated with video! You can also find all my recipe videos on my youtube channel.

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2 Ingredient Keto Pasta

Servings: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 minute
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
A low carb keto substitute for pasta with just 2 ingredients!
4.91 from 10 votes


  • 1 cup shredded part skim low moisture mozzarella cheese
  • 1 large egg yolk


  • Add the mozzarella to a large microwave-safe bowl and microwave for about 1 minute. Stir until cheese is completely melted. If needed, heat for an additional 30 seconds or until cheese is completely melted. 
  • Allow the mozzarella to cool for 1 minute, so that it will not cook the egg. You don't want to cool the cheese too long though because it needs to stay melted.
  • Add in egg yolk and stir and mix into the cheese, until you have a uniform yellow dough.
  • Place your dough on a flat surface lined with parchment paper. Place another parchment paper on top of the dough. 
  • Use a rolling pin over the top piece of parchment paper, and roll dough until it is 1/8 inch thick. 
  • Remove the top piece of parchment and cut the dough into ½ inch wide strips. Refrigerate the pasta for at least 6 hours or overnight.
  • When ready to cook, bring a pot of water to boil. Do not add salt to the water. Add in pasta. Cook for about 40 seconds to 1 minute. Be careful not to cook too long, otherwise the pasta will lose its form, break down and become a melted cheese mess.
  • Remove pasta from pot and run under cold water to cool it down. Gently separate strands sticking together. Allow pasta to cool until it is only slightly warm to the touch. When the pasta cools, it will firm back up, so that it is no longer just melty cheese and it will taste more like pasta rather than just cheese sticks. Serve with your favorite pasta sauce.



  • Recipe adapted from Tasty
  • Allow pasta to cool before serving, so that the noodles firm up again after they are cooked.
  • Make sure to use packaged pre-shredded part skim low moisture mozzarella. Regular mozzarella has too much moisture. Packaged shredded mozzarella is treated with an anti-caking agent which is needed to help keep these noodles stay solid during cooking.
  • Your noodles must be completely dried in the fridge before attempting to cook them. Keep them uncovered in the fridge for at least 6 hours, but I prefer overnight.
  • Keep the pasta in the fridge until you are ready to cook them. Don't let them sit out too long at room temperature before cooking them.


Calories: 358kcal, Carbohydrates: 3g, Protein: 33g, Fat: 22g, Saturated Fat: 12g, Sodium: 770mg, Potassium: 163mg, Sugar: 1g, NET CARBS: 3g

The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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105 comments on “2 Ingredient Keto Pasta”

  1. About the parchment sticking….

    I haven’t had much energy to cook lately, but this recipe made me sit up and take notice! Thank you for sharing it! I’m looking forward to trying it and even shared it with my sister who’s on a Keto diet (with an invite request added lol).

    Reading through the comments, I noticed several people mentioning issues with the pasta sticking to the parchment paper. I’d recommend investing in good parchment paper as a potential solution.

    Tried cheap parchment paper from Walmart (Great Value brand) because they were out of Reynold’s (the only one I’d had experience with before), and had problems with seep-through (had to fold the paper not just twice, but four times [!!!] to avoid seepage) and the paper would give wetter food a chemical taste…plus, the paper burned super easily and would stink up the kitchen! This happened with both packages. Buyer beware. Bought some from one of our local wholesale clubs (BJ’s), as soon as I found it in stock, and it’s *much* better.

    Maybe that’s what’s contributing to the pasta sticking, a lower-quality parchment…?

    • Thanks for the tips! I hadn’t thought of that, but that makes sense. I use Kirkland parchment paper and nothing sticks to it so I was having a hard time figuring out why some people are having sticking issues.

  2. could you use this to make perogy’s?

  3. 2 of my fave foods.

  4. Do you think this would work if I use low moisture, part skim shredded mozzarella which also contains cream cheese (says on bag that it melts better?

    Thanks, in advance, for a response!

  5. Here’s a tip; Lightly spray bowl and parchment papers with cooking spray to help prevent sticking.

  6. So easy, and so good! Thank you for bringing “pasta” back into my life. 

  7. Just wondering, I don’t have pre shredded mozzarella cheese but the block. Can you just shred it and put it in the fridge to dry out? If so, how would you? Spread it out on a piece of paper towel maybe?

  8. I have made this twice and I also have had the dough stick to the parchment paper. But I was able to scrape the dough off the parchment paper and then formed it with my hands on one piece of parchment paper. I then used a pizza cutter and scored the dough. I then placed the scored dough that was still on the parchment on a plate and placed it in the refrigerator overnight to dry out. When I take it out the next day I rescore the dough with the pizza cutter (overlaying the previous scoring) and then I am very careful to peel away each “pasta” strand and then place it on a plate. I then put the plate back in the refrigerator and let sit for about two to four hours more (depends upon when I will cook it that night). I then make sure I get water up to a boil and then drop all of the strands in the boiling water for 40 seconds and then dump in all in a colander and run cool water over it. I place it back into the pot (without water) and then pour the sauce in and stir. I usually cook a roast in the Instant Pot and then place the roast on top of the pasta. But it is a lot of work. By the way I have used low moisture block mozzarella cheese. I think the next time I make this I may use a bit of xanthan gum as well. Sure wish it wouldn’t stick to the parchment. But even if it sticks it is still salvageable. Scrap it up with the end of a fork and put it back in a ball and just form it into shape with your hands without the top parchment paper.

    • Hi, I’m glad you got it to work for you. I’m sorry to hear you are having sticking issues. I think it may because you are using a block of cheese. I used already pre-shredded mozzarella and that is what I recommend in the recipe notes. Pre-shredded mozzarella does have a little bit of cornstarch or something similar added to keep the shreds from sticking together. I think that also makes a difference when making these noodles as I haven’t had them stick to parchment before.

  9. Oh my! I am so impressed! This turned out delicious and my husband loved it as well! Thank you!!

  10. I have also been having issues with it sticking to the paper! The first time, I used whole milk mozzarella so I thought that was why. I made sure to get part skim this time, and it’s still sticking! My dough looks exactly like yours does. The only thing I did differently was double the recipe. I’m wondering if I added the egg yolks too soon and they got partially cooked, or maybe the opposite happened? But I thought I remembered reading on one of the variations of this recipe that you don’t want the yolks to get cooked. I’ll experiment with different things and report back.

  11. I followed this recipe to the letter. Are you leaving out a step to grease the parchment paper? Tried twice, the dough stuck to the parchment both times. Scraped what was left off of both pieces and retried with wax paper. Sticks to wax paper too.

    Am I missing something?

  12. How much cheese do you use for recipe? And is recipe one serving?

  13. Tried it two times 1 minute burned the cheese and the second time it stuck to the parchment paper. Waste of ingredients. Read all the notes and followed to a t…

    • I’m sorry you had issues with the recipe. I have not had issues with the cheese burning at 1 minute. I also haven’t had issues with the dough sticking. It is very oily so it definitely shouldn’t stick

  14. Just a thought that if you add about 1/4 teaspoon of Xanthan Gum it may improve the flexibility of the noodles (makes a dough more bendable). I have not tried it yet, but I will. I am relieved to know that your husband didn’t suspect anything…well done!

  15. Well here’s to me totally not following instructions!  So I used shredded Monterey Jack cheese and melted it in a double boiler.  Cooled it for a minute and put it into a glass bowl. Mixed in my egg yolk, tho this took some effort! Put it on the ax paper and rolled it out.  Stuck it in the freezer for 5 minutes. Peeled top layer off “dough”, noted it was “sticking” to the waxed paper, so pulled out another sheet of waxed paper and carefully peeled it off the first sheet and put it on the second one before proceeding. Cut into noodle shapes.  Dropped into the water I’d left boiling on the stove.  “Cooked” for about 30 seconds- just till it floated to the top. Quickly drained and dumped into ice water bowl.  Results?  Delicious! Fantastic! Amazing.  I don’t have time to prep and wait overnight for noodles. But may try this version to freeze for when the mood strikes me.

  16. Making it into farfalle noodles almost worked. It made gobs of cheesy stuff instead. Alas!

  17. can this be prepped the day before and reheat it in the microwave the next day?

  18. I tried this twice but both times the cheese was melted and the egg just wouldn’t blend in. It really just seemed like I was moving melted cheese around on the yolk.  I guess now after reading that I should drain any water from the cheese after melting before mixing the yolk in.  I will try again. How melted does the cheese need to be? In the video it looks like dough. Mine did not. Thanks!!

    • What kind of cheese are you using? There should be no water that needs to be drained when the cheese is melted if you are using the cheese specified in the recipe. When the mozzarella is melted, it should look like a dough just like the video. Make sure you are not using fresh/wet mozzarella.

  19. Hey, thank you for this recipe! I decided to try this very spontaneously. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to work out. Finally it actually did, and I am happy with this. The taste, however, is nothing like pasta, of course, but I can say it is very interesting to try and I’d repeat! A nice tip might be to put a little tiny bit of salt in the formed “dough”, it might ameliorate the taste in my opinion. Enjoy your cooking and don’t give up on it if it didn’t work out from the first time!

  20. I made this the other day. I cut the noodles until little rectangles and layered it in between a meat sauce with a little extra Parmesan and baked it and baked it for 30 minutes at 3:50. It was delicious. Thinking about other ways I can use this pasta recipe. Thank you for sharing

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