5 Minute Homemade Potato Chips

This actually came out of a recipe idea I had in my head that ended up not working out.

So I had all these potatoes left and was deciding what to do, and decided to make homemade potato chips in the microwave, something I’ve seen before.

You thinly slice the potatoes, add whatever herbs and spices you would like, do a light oil spray, and then pop them in the microwave. Out comes potato chips. This is even easier if you ave a medallion slicer. Unfortunately I don’t have one.


Mine came out slightly too brown because I overcooked them a little (though they came out extra crunchy as a result). I probably should have removed them from the micowave about 30 seconds to 1 minute earlier. Cooking time varies depending on how thick your potato chips are, but it’s about five minutes.

The great thing about this recipe is that it’s healthier than regular potato chips. You don’t fry them in oil, you can control how much salt, oil you put on them, etc. If you like homemade potato chips, definitely check out this easy recipe.

Homemade Microwave Potato Chips


1-2 large Russet potatoes
salt and pepper
olive oil spray


1. Slice potatoes as thin as possible, about 1/8 inch thick or less. Dry slightly with a paper towel.
2. Place potato slices on microwaveable plate. Make sure slices don't overlap. You may need need to do these in a few batches.
3. Spray potatoes with olive oil spray and sprinkle salt, pepper and other spices if you like.
4. Cook in microwave until they begin to brown. Time may vary, mine were done at about 5 minutes. You may want to start out with 2 minutes and work your way up, checking on the doneness.

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4 comments on “5 Minute Homemade Potato Chips”

  1. Ooh, I never knew you could make potato chips in the microwave. Very cool indeed. Must try this sometime. So much faster than roasting in the oven!

  2. Do you turn them over half way through?

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