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Dining at SeaWorld Part 2

The first part of my dining at SeaWorld adventures can be found here.  As I stated in my first post, after not having gone to Sea World in many years, Boyfriend and I recently went to visit.  We discovered that they now offer this unlimited dining plan for about $30.  About eight of the dining establishments within SeaWorld participate, and you are given this wrist band, which entitles you to one entree, drink, and dessert or side dish every time you go through the line.  It’s a pretty good deal considering SeaWorld food is pretty expensive and they don’t let you bring your own food.

Boyfriend and I were excited to try the unlimited dining and once we got the wrists bands, the rest of our trip was trying to try as many dining places as possible.  On our first trip, we only tried about half of them.  Since we had unlimited trips to SeaWorld for the rest of the year, we went back again to try the other places we hadn’t eaten at a few weeks later.  So here is the conclusion of our dining at SeaWorld adventure.

Shipwreck Reef Cafe

I was pleasantly surprised with all the food options at this cafe.  Up until this point, all the other restaurants seemed to feature mainly one thing: like fajitas, or ribs or pasta/pizza.  Shripwreck offered burgers, seafood salads, beef sandwiches, chicken tenders, and some other items.

If you dine outside, you can also dine next to Sea Turtles!

I started off with a bacon cheeseburger with fries, chocolate milk and a slice of chocolate cake.

The fries are the same at each of the restaurants at SeaWorld, and I don’t really like them.  When they are really hot in the beginning, I can enjoy a few.  But after that, I don’t like how they taste.  They simply aren’t crispy enough.

The burger was too dry.  I only had a couple bites.

Boyfriend tried the beef round sandwich

I don’t know what it is about their beef, but this was unbelievably salty, much like the beef fajitas I had previously. For his side, he got a giant pickle.

The lines weren’t long yet and since Shipwreck had other offerings, we went back for a second trip.  This time I got the seafood salad.  I couldn’t decide on a side or dessert.  I had gotten pretty tired of the same dessert selection after our first Sea World trip, so I opted for a shrimp cocktail, even though I knew my salad was full of shrimp.

While the shrimp are quite small, they do give quite a few.  Cold shrimp with cocktail sauce, there isn’t much you can mess up here.  The salad consisted of the same cocktail shrimp, some tuna, vegetables, and more cocktail sauce.

Calypso Bay Smokehouse

On our first trip, we had tried to come here, but the line was really long.  This time it was much better.

There are a few restrictions to what you can get with the wrist band.  One of the items you can’t order is a platter of baby back ribs, which is served at Calypso.  I did notice a Smokehouse sampler, And it comes with a baby back rib, pork rib, chicken, brisket and some sides.

Here are the desserts offered here, and at every other restaurant inside Sea World except Rocky Pointe.

Here’s a shot of some salads:

Boyfriend and I both opted for the sampler.

There was a lot of food on this plate.  I found the brisket to be way too salty.  The chicken was a little dry.  I really loved the baby back rib though!  I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.

For dessert I got this shamu cookie.  It was a regular shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate, and sitting on a mound of whipped cream.

We enjoyed the sampler so much, that we went back for seconds.  By this time,the line was getting pretty long.  Now I know why this place is so popular.

We ended the night at Mama Stella’s.  We tried to go to Coconut Bay Cafe, but they were closed that day. We had previously gone to Mama Stella’s on our first trip and we knew we liked the sampler, so we went with that:

It came with a breadstick, pasta, cannelloni, and eggplant parmesan.  I also chose a slice of oreo cheesecake.

Boyfriend got a slice of pizza, but for some reason we didn’t take a picture.  The pizza was just okay.  Your typical school cafeteria type pizza.

He also tried the chocolate pudding.

So that concludes Boyfriend and my dining adventures at Sea World. After our second visit, we were pretty much satisfied and didn’t have any desire to go back to the park just to eat Sea World food.  It was a pretty fun experience though!

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5 comments on “Dining at SeaWorld Part 2”

  1. Great minds must think alike b/c i totally agree w/ you and have thought about that pass scenario many times w/ my best friend! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. I hope you have fun at SW! I believe it is possible to get one wristband and share. They don’t say you can’t share and they don’t monitor you. Once you sit down to eat, there aren’t any employees watching or anything. The bbq was definitely my favorite out of all the places I went to.
    If you are going to SW multiple times, I would recommend that everyone in your group go with the fun card or whatever it is they are offering now (where you pay for one regular visit and get the rest of year unlimited free.) And one person get a silver passport at costco (costs a lot less at Costco). the silver passport costs slightly more but entitles you to free parking and parking is like $12. and it gives you 10% off food, 20% off merchandise or something like that. So if one person has the silver passport, you guys can get free parking and discount on the wristband.

  3. Heehee. I’m pretty happy with how much food I got out of the unlimited dining. And yeah, the food is super expensive. I think a beer is $6.

  4. I was just talking to my best friend about your food adventure at sea world! This post couldn’t have come at a better time as we all want to get a SW pass now (thanks to your $30 wrist pass thing).
    Is it possible for one person to just get the pass and share the food? Do they track that type of thing? Just curious as the food portions seems crazy.
    The bbq selection looks best for some reason.
    Great post!

  5. haha. awesome to see you made the most out of the unlimited dining!! the food IS expensive there, i remember like $5 for a drink.