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May Things

Sharing a few life ramblings from April and May.


Last month, I went up to the the Bay Area to visit my family. The visit was filled with a lot of eating (as always).

Some highlights included conveyor belt hot pot at Little Hot Pot, hand pulled noodles from QQ Noodle and pastries from Manresa Bread.
photo of a variety of pastries

I also brought home loquats from my mom’s giant loquat tree.
photo of loquats tree

And I spent time with this little cutie.
photo of a dog

Garden Updates

My blueberries and roses are blooming!
photo collage of blueberry bush and rose bloom

New addition to the garden this year are strawberries and pineberries. I love how cute the pineberries are.
photo of strawberries and pineberries

Baby Birds

photo of a bird's nest
We had another bird family this year! As you may recall, we had a nest above our front door last year. In January, we noticed some birds hanging around the same spot the nest had been last year. At first, they were just taking shelter during the night but soon we saw them gathering materials for their nest. By March the nest was done and we could see the eggs. In April, two baby birds emerged. It was pretty amusing watching them learn how to fly.

Non-Food Find

Currently in love with ERBORIAN Glow Crème Illuminating Face Cream. (This is an affiliate link) I apply it right before my makeup and it leaves my face with a very natural looking glow. I’ve tried similar products before, but usually after I apply my makeup, the glow from the lotion goes away. This is the first one I’ve tried where the glow comes through the make-up but it still looks very natural.

Favorite Bites this Month

  • Smoked Coconut Passion Fruit Meringue Danish from Herb & Wood
    photo of Smoked Coconut Passion Fruit Meringue Danish from Herb & Wood
    I’m a huge fan of the pastries and desserts served at Herb & Wood and Herb & Eatery from executive pastry chef Adrian Mendoza. His croissants are the crispiest I’ve ever had and my favorite in San Diego. Recently we went to attend Friendly Feast’s Chef-Driven Bake Sale event, where Chef Mendoza created two gorgeous pastries including this smoked danish. It was so unique. The smoked coconut gave the pasty an almost savory twist and the danish itself was flaky and crispy. It needs to be on their regular menu!
  • Purple Sweet Potato Bingsoo from Cafe Bora
    photo of Purple Sweet Potato Bingsoo
  • Meat from hot pot at Momo Paradise (Los Angeles). Post coming soon!
    photo of sliced beef

Favorite New Recipes

Buttermilk Fried Cauliflower

Thai Peanut Zucchini Noodles

3 Ingredient Flourless Nutella Brownie Mug Cake

Instant Pot Buttermilk Pancake

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4 comments on “May Things”

  1. All my friends with gardens are making me want to try growing something! Maybe I should try basil again. I think my orange tree has two flowers right now (compared to just one tiny fruit last season). Hoping something grows bigger. That bingsoo is so pretty! Nice ramble post 😉

  2. Wow, I have never heard of or seen pineberries before. They look so cool! Do they taste like strawberries as well?

    Lovely dessert photos. So colorful.

    • i got the plants at home depot! I am obsessed with them because they are so cute but this is the first time I saw the plants available. They taste like pineapple berries