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Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a new brunch spot that opened in San Diego. It’s only been open a few weeks but has been immensely popular. The extravagant restaurant from CH Projects is quite something to look at. Pink booths, an enormous florescent pink starburst sculpture, a champagne vending machine and bathrooms lined with mirrors, are just a few of the things to look for when you are there.

We had brunch there this past Sunday with CC and her husband. CC had a scoped out the place the weekend before and suggested we come early to avoid a wait. Even though we were there at 8 AM, there was already a line. Luckily the wait was only around 20 minutes.

The menu is inspired by dishes around the world. I spotted several popular Japanese dishes on the menu including souffle pancakes and egg salad sandwiches. The cocktail menu is also quite extensive and has many unique and fun drinks to choose from. If you enjoy Bloody Mary, it’s done with a tableside cart presentation.

Bottom of the Bowl | Foster’s Freeze | Sakura Bloom

We started with a few cocktails.

Bottom of the bowl is a boozy cereal milk cocktail, with crushed cereal around the rim of the glass. I found the flavors quite interesting and quite liked it.

Foster’s Freeze is a cocktail version of Bananas Foster. It really did taste like the dessert in drink form and was quite tasty.

Sakura blossom was my least favorite. Given the name, I expected a pink drink or sakura flavor in the drink though a closer read of the description shows there is no sakura used. The drink had a lot of egg foam I felt the flavors were really muddled.

Morning Glory Trifecta

The glassware for this drink set was quite pretty. This features a shot of amari, espresso and seltzer.

Dirty Hashbrowns

Crispy fried shredded potatoes served with a coffee gravy sauce. These were pretty good.

Crispy Scallop Potato

This was a fun spin on scallop potatoes. The exterior was fried and crispy. The inside was filled with creamy, scalloped potatoes.

Fried Butterball Potatoes

This was a generous side of potatoes. Whole fingerling potatoes roasted and slightly crisped up. They came with a side of sweet chili sauce and an eyedropper container with soy sauce. We didn’t think the potatoes really needed the condiments.

Maple Sausage Patty

The patties were thick and juicy. We quite enjoyed them.

Egg Salad Sandwich

As you may recall, I recently shared my recipe for Japanese egg salad sandwiches. I thought Morning Glory’s version was pretty good. The filling was soft and creamy, served on fluffy crustless white bread and I liked that they included the soft boiled egg in the middle.

Morning Glory Fried Rice

There was a generous amount of pork belly in this dish. Unfortunately, we all felt that it was too salty. I had difficulty eating more than two bites.

Omelet Sando

Another popular egg sandwich dish from Japan. Slightly sweetened omelet, Katsuobushi flakes, crustless wonder bread.

Oeufs on Toast

Soft scrambled eggs, caviar, grilled country bread. This was quite a fancy version with the addition of the caviar.

Chicken-fried Dry-Aged Steak and Eggs

I liked the concept of the fried steak and this dish had quite generous portions. It was a little hard to really taste the flavors of the dry aged steak since it was breaded and fried though.

Overall, we had a fun time here and I loved being able to explore the menu with CC and her husband. Because of the long wait times, it’s not a place I would go to often. However, I think it’s a good place to take friends to, especially ones visiting from out of town.


  • Make sure to visit the bathroom to see the mirror-lined walls, which let you see yourself from every angle.
  • To avoid a long wait at the restaurant, arrive early (before 8 AM).

If you want to try another San Diego brunch location be sure to check out my experience dining at JRDN.

Drink Menu | Food Menu

Morning Glory
550 W Date St, San Diego, CA 92101


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  1. Sorry for the late reply. We enjoyed our brunch with you and your husband! It’s fun trying an array of items. My favorites were the side dishes especially the maple sausage. I revisited our post to look at what we had (I never got around to posting, I am SO BEHIND, OMG). I noticed that they already upped their prices. The sides that used to be $4 are now $6! Many more items had higher prices on their newer menu. Am going to try going there with my sister and we are planning to leave super early so we can arrive when they open!!! Yes, that early, ha ha.

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