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Mignon Pho + Grill

Mignon Pho + Grill
3860 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-0669

I saw that a new pho shop was opening in the plaza with Nijiya and Spicy House a while back. I happened to be in the plaza this weekend and noticed the grand opening sign as well as a special of buy 1 get 1 free on the pho.

When I arrived inside, the place screamed fusion. This was definitely not your typical pho shop. I don’t even think there were any vietnamese employees.

Once inside, we were given the simple menu which was pretty small compared to regular pho menus. The prices were about a dollar higher than the typical pho bowls. Also you can only choose two ingredients in the included price, and then you have to pay extra.

Since the place is called mignon, BF and I opted to try the filet mignon pho, something that is not usually offered at other pho spots.

With the wide variety of appetizers, we also opted to try the saigon wings.

The wings arrived, perfectly crispy and not too wet and soggy from the sauce. The sauce was midly sweet, with hints of lemongrass and other herbs. We both enjoyed the wings.

The bowls of pho were pretty big in size. My regular was closer to a large at other places. The filet mignon was very tender. I wish there were other ingredients in the pho though. It felt weird only have one main ingredient.

The buy one get one free special is supposed to only run through October 31, which is odd since the place didn’t have its grand opening until October 30…perhaps they will extend the special.

The service was pretty friendly. I did feel this place was a bit too expensive. The food was pretty good though.

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12 comments on “Mignon Pho + Grill”

  1. Hi Kirbie, the broth in your Pho looks to have a bit more oils than mine. Also what I had was quite bland despite the dark color. I’ll have to go back in a few weeks since they did just open. The interior is really nice. The place is modern and they serve on chic square plates but I wouldn’t consider the food fusion though.

    • You’re right, the food isn’t really fusion. More like high end modernized style. The atmosphere seemed very fusion-like when I first walked in, but I think your modern description is more fitting. Were you there this weekend too? I was actually happy the broth wasn’t too salty, like at some other places I’ve been to. Perhaps my tastes are more on the bland side…

  2. Thanks for including the menu! It’s nice to know what else they serve that didn’t get reviewed.

  3. Fancy pho?! Seems like such an oxymoron doesn’t it 🙂 The place looks really nice from your pics.

    Do you think you’ll return to this place in the future (considering all the other Pho places in Convoy to choose from!).

    Have you tried the fried butter chicken wings from Phoung Trang?! Kirk’s post on those got me hooked on those suckers.

    • Yeah, this place definitely seems to be going for a more high end pho. I don’t think I’d return if I’m just craving regular pho. But I did like the saigon wings. And if they do another special, I might come back. I have not tried the wings at Phoung Trang. I must go and try them. Love wings!

  4. Yummy wings! Have you had Kyochon KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) yet? It’s pricey but sooooo good!

    What are your plans for Foodbuzz fest? I’m getting in around 12:30 on Friday. Can’t wait to meet you!

    • No I haven’t tried Kyochon KFC but I keep hearing such great things about it! There’s a place that opened in SD not too long ago, but I heard it’s not very good. I want to wait till I find a good place to try it out. I’m staying at my parent’s place, so I’m going to commute over to Foodbuzz fest stuff everyday. I don’t have any set plans yet. The BF is coming with me too. Perhaps we can meet up an hour or so before the first activity begins on Friday? I’m excited to meet you too!

  5. Hey Kirbie – You did get the Filet on the side, right? That’s how most folks eat Filet Mignon Pho. If you want other stuff in your Pho you need to order a bowl with a side order of Filet….it’ll cost you though. I think this place needs to work on their food a bit, it’s quite bland.

    • Hi Kirk- No I didn’t get it on the side! Didn’t know that is how it’s done. Now I’ll know for next time. Yeah, I realize I would have to order the extra ingredients, I just wish it automatically came with more since they are charging so much already.

  6. Thanks for letting us know they’re open and what to expect. Good to know that the filet mignon is tender; I’m sure that’s why the prices are higher than other pho restaurants.

    • Well, the regular pho is also pricier, without the filet mignon. So I don’t know if I’d come here for a regular bowl of pho, but the appetizers and filet mignon were pretty good.

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