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SuperNatural Sandwiches revisits

SuperNatural Sandwiches continues to remain one of our favorite spots for seafood sandwiches. Along with expanding their location earlier this year, they also recently debuted some new permanent menu items and we’ve been in a couple of times to try out the new items and to bring out-of-town friends to one of our favorite places in San Diego.

Triton Fries
Triton FriesThis was the item I was anticipating most and it did not disappoint. Thick-cut, golden crunchy fries make the base for this dish, loaded with scallops, lobster, crispy garlic shrimp, Thai chili aioli, and cheese sauce. It’s a seafood lover’s dream plate and I love every element in it. It may be my new favorite item here.

KrakenWhile SuperNatural Sandwiches previously offered a Kraken sandwich, it’s now been changed. A toasted brioche roll is stuffed with a quarter pound of chilled jumbo lump crab meat mixed with Thai chili aioli. The creamy lump crab is reminiscent of a crab cake without all the fillers. I especially love how much crab is in each sandwich as I always prefer a high filling to bread ratio. I’ve actually been choosing this sandwich over my previous favorite, Siren.

SirenOf course, when I take friends here, I always make sure they try the Siren. This is their signature sandwich and still one of my favorites. Crispy, lightly battered garlic shrimp, toasted brioche roll, garlic aioli.

CthulhuThis is their version of a lobster roll. It consists of knuckle and claw lobster meat and umami butter. When this sandwich is brought out, I always think the lobster meat amount looks a little small, but it actually isn’t. Unlike some places in San Diego, where they mainly pile the meat on top to make the roll look bigger, here the inside of the roll is filled with the lobster meat. It’s a good roll, but I don’t love it quite as much as some of the others. However, SuperNatural has a great Five Star Rewards program and after a few visits, you can actually earn enough points for this roll, which is also their most expensive. Not a bad deal at all.

SuperNatural Sandwiches
7094 Miramar Rd #122, San Diego, CA 92121

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