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Supernatural Sandwiches revisits

One of my favorite bites last year was the Siren Sandwich from Supernatural Sandwiches.

We’ve since been back several times to try out more menu items.


This is their version of a Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, made with sauteed shrimp and slices of Chinese sausage.

The sandwich is served on a fresh roll and contains the usual fixings found in a Banh Mi like cilantro and pickled daikon and carrots. Like all the other sandwiches, it’s served with four oversized shrimp chips.


This is their lobster roll, topped with umami butter and served on a toasted buttery brioche roll.

Shrimp Fried Rice

This is one of their side dishes. The rice is buttery, rich and quite enjoyable. Rest assured, there were chopped up pieces of shrimp, though they are hidden inside.

Recently, Supernatural Sandwiches started selling macarons in all sorts of unique flavors like Thai Tea, Green Tea Kit Kat and more. Unfortunately, they were all out when I went.

While we’ve continued to have solid sandwich experiences here, our favorite remains the Siren Sandwich

Here’s an older shot from our original visit:

The plump shrimp are lightly battered and sauteed with garlic, topped with aioli and their bold necromancer sauce. By the way, their Siren Sandwich has been nominated in the Sandwich Category for Chowzter’s 2015 Tastiest Fast Feasts in North America. I hope they win!

Overall, we really like stopping in here for lunch. The atmosphere is friendly and we signed up for the Five Star Rewards program to earn points towards free food. We love the concept, the fresh ingredients, and the food and hope they continue to succeed.

You can read my original post here.

Supernatural Sandwiches
7094 Miramar Rd #105
San Diego, CA 92121

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6 comments on “Supernatural Sandwiches revisits”

  1. I think the Kirin just convinced me to go here for lunch today.

  2. @ Faye – Cthulu is a reference to a fictional diety created by  horror writer HP Lovecraft.  He is part dragon/octopus and man. His face has tentacles. Kind of reminds me of that character in Futurama that speaks with a muffled voice.
    I’m not sure how to pronounce it myself though.

    I would love to visit this place – All of their sandwiches look great!

  3. How do you pronounce Cthulhu? That sandwich looks so gooood right now. I haven’t been to Miramar in ages to eat but this would be the first place I’d visit to try out (maybe after going to Ballast!).