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The Mission

The Mission is one of our favorite local brunch spots. The food is good, the quantities generous, and the prices reasonable. Recently DH and I met some friends for brunch there.

As usual, the place was crowded and they don’t take reservations. If you don’t like the wait and you are alright with eating late, I recommend coming after 1 because I’ve noticed that’s when the brunch crowd clears. Before 1 and the wait time is about an hour. After 1pm and you can walk right in.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. You can read my old post for a more thorough review. Here’s what we ordered:

Soy chorizo with crispy potatoes, black beans, jalapeños, cheese, salsa, scallions, chipotle crema and avocado slice. Served with large whole wheat tortilla

Fresh baked cinnamon bread on a palette of berry puree.

The Mission french toast is pretty famous and it’s the best French toast I’ve had in San Diego.

I added bacon and crispy rosemary potatoes to counter the sweetness. The potatoes are pretty popular and I love them. The rosemary adds a great flavor and the potatoes are so crispy they are almost like fries. I usually don’t like breakfast potatoes, but I always order the version here. I’ve since my own roasted rosemary potatoes at home, too!

Grilled Angus beef, horseradish cream, rosemary potatoes and scrambled eggs

I can never finish my French Toast, but I do like dining here. The service is friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and very quintessential San Diego, with almost all the customers dining in sandals and shorts.

The Mission
Three locations in Mission Beach, North Park and East Village

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5 comments on “The Mission”

  1. I’m hungry now. I’ll have to take the Mister here for brunch when he finally gets a weekend off.

  2. Oh, the french toast! And I love the sausage there, too.

  3. We love The Mission, too!

  4. That french toast looks absolutely divine! Now I’m craving for a second breakfast…=S