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Two for the Road

photo of the Two for the Road food truck

Two for the Road was recently ranked second best food truck in America according to The Daily Meal. Based in San Diego, the food truck serves American comfort food.

To my delight, I was recently able to catch them during lunch, when they were parked at some office buildings not too far from me.

Cap ‘N’ Crunch Crab Cakes
photo of two Cap 'N' Crunch Crab Cakes
This is their most popular item and so of course I had to try it. The cereal encrusted crab cakes had a great crunchy exterior. The inside crab mix packed some serious flavor. Normally I don’t like a lot of seasonings and other fillings in my crab cakes, but I really enjoyed these.
close-up photo of Cap 'N' Crunch Crab Cakes

New England Lobster Roll
photo of New England Lobster Roll
I was a little apprehensive with the $14 price tag, but this lobster roll was brimming with fresh lobster meat. With my Long Island background, finding a good lobster roll in San Diego has been quite frustrating. Most skimp too much on the lobster meat or try to do to many things to the sandwich. This was a very classic lobster roll and I loved it.
close-up photo of a New England Lobster Roll
It  was the most lobster meat I’ve had in any of the lobster rolls I’ve tried in San Diego so far. The lobster meat was mixed with a light mayonnaise and served on a warm, toasted bun. So simple and so delicious.

Overall, I really enjoyed the items I tried from Two for the Road. The menu is filled with comfort food and I found the portions to be generous and the entrees quite delicious. I can see why this truck is so popular and I’ll have to track them down more often.

Two for the Road
Two for the Road Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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6 comments on “Two for the Road”

  1. I’ll have to try those crab cakes!  If you’re looking for another lobster roll, I enjoyed the one from Spike Africa’s (gaslamp)…they were generous with the lobster. 

  2. what a pretty truck! i’ve only had two lobster rolls in SD, supernatural (?) and ironside so far. btw did you remove the ‘blogs you read’ side column? i don’t see it anymore =(

    • I’ve had both of those and I thought this one was better, but that may just be my preference. Yes, the plugin was disabled because it wasn’t working well with my site. I’m working on trying to find a new one but there aren’t many out there that offer the rss feed within the blogroll. I may end up just putting up a regular links blogroll.

  3. I need to find this truck!  Looks great.   Hey have you eaten at Lobster West, in Encinitas – yet? I would like to know how their lobster roll, compares to this one.     This one looks fab…..