Waba Grill

Waba Grill is a chain of of quick service teriyaki grill restaurants. They offer grilled chicken, beef, salmon and vegetable bowls and plates which are made to order and don’t use any oil in the cooking process.

We saw the sign for the coming soon of Waba Grill next to a Starbucks we frequent. After it opened, we decided to check it out.

The menu is pretty basic and everything is made to order.

Steak and Chicken Plate

I ordered the steak and chicken plate, which came with a small salad and half of an orange. They give you an option of brown or white rice and I chose brown. I asked for the sauce to be on the side, which apparently meant they cooked the meat in their teriyaki sauce but don’t drench more on top. If you want more sauce, they do have dispensers that let you add more.

Salmon Veggie Bowl

Mr. K chose the salmon veggie bowl. His salmon had a lot of sauce on top. I felt like the bowl had a good amount of food and was a better price point than the plate.

Overall, we had an okay experience here. It’s a good option if you want something a bit healthier for lunch. The service was friendly. The food reminded me lot of Flame Broiler, a place we frequented a lot when we were students. If you use the five star rewards program, you can earn points towards free drinks and meals.


Waba Grill
6765 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121
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4 comments on “Waba Grill”

  1. We went here a couple weeks ago too and pretty much have the same opinion… it is a healthy option that tastes decent but it’s not that cheap and the menu is very limited.

  2. We live close to there, and are frequently at some of the restaurants in the mall (Habanero’s is our default mexican place).  
    Usually we gravitate to Marketplace Grill (or Habanero’s fish soup) when we’re feeling healthy…

    … and Donut Touch when we aren’t.

    Still, might be worth checking out at some point.

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