Fried Mashed Potato Balls

Crispy bite-sized balls filled with creamy mashed potatoes. Don’t these just sound delicious?

I wanted to make these for Super Bowl Sunday, but ran out of time. These last two weeks I’ve been watching the Olympics non-stop, so I needed more TV viewing food, making me want to make these. For the last weekend of Olympic coverage, I made a batch for Mr. K and I.

These were really easy to make. You can use any sort of mashed potatoes, just make sure they aren’t too thin or runny, otherwise it will be hard to roll them into balls and fry them. I bought a pre-made package of creamy mashed potatoes that had some potato chunks.

Then you roll them, double coat them in egg and bread crumbs and then fry them. I was really pleased at how well the ball shapes held up. I was a little worried they’d lose their shape since they were so soft, but they came out quite nice. You can even dip them in some gravy, but they taste great on their own. I’ll definitely be making these again.

Fried Mashed Potato Balls


2 cups of pre-made cold mashed potatoes
2 -3 cups of Italian style bread crumbs
2 large eggs, whisked
Vegetable oil for frying



1. Place whisked eggs in a small bowl. Place 2 cups of bread crumbs in another small bowl. Pour oil into pan being used for frying (pour in enough oil so it is at least 1 inch dip). Heat oil at medium high on stove. Once oil is hot enough for frying, reduce to a medium heat.
2. Take a spoonful of mashed potatoes, roll into a ball about the size of a ping pong ball. Gently roll in egg and then roll in breadcrumbs. Roll again in egg mixture and again in breadcrumbs. Put into oil. Fry for a few minutes, turning over as needed until all sides are a dark golden brown. If the coating turns brown too fast, reduce heat further, so that the balls have enough time in the hot oil to heat the mashed potatoes all the way through. Repeat with remaining mashed potatoes. If you run out of breadcrumbs, add another cup.

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  1. You know what’s next, right? Porto’s potato balls!

  2. Yum these look awesome!

  3. This looks delicious! I was looking for good a snack recipe or appetizer to add to my meals. Thanks for sharing.


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