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Pho T. Cali

Pho T. Cali
7351 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 565-6997


Pho T. Cali is the place I go to most for pho  It’s not necessarily the best pho, but it’s pretty good and in a convenient location. The service is fast and the restaurant is pretty big so they almost always have a lot of room. The food quantity is a pretty decent size and they make their egg rolls with the thin skin I like, rather than the thick skin.

On this last visit, Boyfriend and I started out with the eggrolls.

The eggrolls didn’t look particularly pretty on this visit.  They obviously did not know they were being photographed.  The taste was still good though.  They were served piping hot.  I love eating them wrapped in the lettuce leaf and dipped in the sauce.

The inside of the eggrolls are filled with vermicelli, vegetables and some meat.  Very flavorful.  The outside is very crispy.  Yum!

I ordered combination #15.  Which is pho with tripe and beef. The broth isn’t as rich as I would like, but it is decent.  It seems the quantity of food has gotten a little bit smaller since I first started going here, but they still provide a decent amount of meat and tripe.  Some places I have been to only give about 3 pieces of beef.

Boyfriend likes to order the fried rice.  I think the fried rice is too dry and not very good.  Normally he gets the pork fried rice.  This time he tried the combination fried rice.  Again, I was not really a fan.  The meat bits they use are all fat.  And the peas are dehydrated and dry. It’s also not a very big portion of fried rice considering they charge more than $7.  For this amount, most chinese restaurants will serve enough fried rice for a few people.

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2 comments on “Pho T. Cali”

  1. joanh- yupyup. I agree! =)

  2. mm.. looks good! yeah.. sometimes there are more factors than if the food is the “best” like location, price, space, portions..