Brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies

I love brownies and I love chocolate chip cookies. So when I saw Picky Palate’s recipe for stuffing a brownie inside a chocolate chip cookie, I couldn’t wait to try them. I could already imagine how good they would taste…a chocolatey fudgy brownie stuffed inside a cookie. Mmmm..

I previously made thin mints stuffed chocolate chip cookies which was inspired by Picky Palate’s oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. For those cookies, I used a different chocolate chip cookie recipe. This time I decided to try out Picky Palate’s exact recipe.

The cookies came out huge…I couldn’t believe how big they were. Now normally I’m not one to worry about calories or desserts being too unhealthy, but one look at these gigantic cookies, and I had to cut mine in half and only allowed myself to eat half in one sitting.


The outside cookie was nice and crispy, the inside was cakey and worked perfectly with the fudgy brownie. My cookies didn’t really flatten like Picky Palate’s, but they still were good. When I gave these cookies to my brother and his girlfriend, their eyes lit up. Brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies is really an ingenious idea.

I definitely will make these again, though next time I think I’m going to use less brownie so I can make these cookies a little smaller. You can view Picky Palate’s recipe here.

6 comments on “Brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies”

  1. Heart attack in one cookie….delicious…

  2. Oh wow that is one monster of a cookie! I’d need to bring them to work so I wouldn’t eat them all hehe.

  3. So far today, I have seen cookie dough stuffed cupcakes, cookie stuffed cookies, and now brownie stuffed cookies! I’m going to a have a sweet overload! These look seriously amazing and indulgent. Were they tricky to make?

    • They were super easy to make. You do have to allot a little extra time because you need to make the brownies first and give them some time to cool or else it’s hard to cut the brownies.
      But the cookie dough was easy to whip up and shape around the brownies.

  4. I’ve never seen brownies stuffed in a chocolate chip cookie before! I’ll try to make them if I have time.Thanks for sharing!

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