This is the best pork belly recipe I’ve made. The pork skin is incredibly crispy, perfectly golden, and the prep work is very minimal compared to all the other pork bellies I’ve made. No need to score or puncture holes in the skin. My search is over for the perfect pork belly recipe.

I’ve been obsessed with making the perfect crispy pork belly. I’ve had some success (here and here), but one thing that really bothered me was having to score the skin because it makes it hard to slice pieces with the skin intact. I’ve eaten pork belly that has unscored skin so I knew it was possible, but I hadn’t yet come across a recipe that didn’t require that step and when I tried not scoring it, the skin just wouldn’t get crispy enough.

Iceskimo has been our “go-to” spot for snow shaved ice this summer, a dessert originally from Taiwan that shaves blocks of ice made with water mixed with milk, cream or condensed milk to have a creamier texture (it’s like a cross between traditional shaved ice and ice cream). The pop-up store located inside Pangea will have its own physical store next month, located at 4609 Convoy Street.

The pop up offers various snow ice flavors, fresh watermelon juice and Belgian street waffles.

Cookie Monster (black sesame snow, crushed oreos, strawberries, condensed milk)

This is our favorite flavor. The black sesame is very creamy, with a deep sesame flavor and it’s not overly sweet. I could do without the Oreos and strawberries, but Mr. K really likes the toppings that come with it.

Bruce Lychee (lychee snow, mango pieces, lychee jelly, condensed milk)

These baked tomatoes are filled with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

I purchased these beautiful tomatoes on the vine this weekend. As summer is winding down, I’m trying to buy and eat as much fresh produce as possible. For some reason though, when I saw these tomatoes, I immediately wanted to stuff and bake them. So I added some premade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and baked them until cooked.