Ever since making a cheesecake mug cake, I’ve been wanting to make a pumpkin version. After quite a few messed up attempts, I finally got a version I’m pretty happy with.

Cheesy, soft and with a touch of pumpkin spice. No it’s not exactly the same as a baked version, but it’s pretty close and takes less than 10 minutes to make. And the longer you wait, it becomes creamier and more like a baked cheesecake.

Continuing with my exploration of donut shops in San Diego, when I had lunch with CC last month, we stopped by San Diego’s Finest Donuts.

The poor sign is a little worse for wear. CC chose this place because she heard they had cronuts. I took a look at their Facebook page and they show really gorgeous cronut photos, some of the prettiest I’ve seen in San Diego.

When we went in, there were no cronuts on display. We also saw the regular display of donuts.

We inquired about the cronuts and were met with some very unhelpful responses.

I haven’t had much time to bake lately, but that hasn’t stopped me from craving sweets. So once again, my mug cakes came to the rescue.