T-Pop Desserts & More is a new dessert and boba tea shop that opened a few weeks ago. I was drawn in after seeing pictures of their honey brick toast.

The decor is interesting, with different themes and styles for various spaces in the store. There are board games, couches, whimsical tables, etc.

This dish is an easy Chinese stir-fry that features extra plump and crunchy shrimp with the help of a secret ingredient.

Do you ever have problems when cooking your shrimp? They shrink in size, sometimes get dry if you cook them too long, etc. Well I learned a simple technique to keep the shrimp plump, juicy and crunchy. I’m so excited to share it.

The shrimp don’t shrink at all. Instead they actually expand and stays plump and juicy during the cooking process.

Rita’s Italian Ice, a famous East Coast chain known for their ice and custard combination, has been expanding to the West Coast. Several locations are set to open in San Diego this year.

I’ve been wanting to try Rita’s for the longest time, and finally paid a visit this weekend. It definitely will be one of many visits.

They offer various fruit flavors of Italian ice as well as creamy soft serve custard ice cream. You can get just ice, just custard, a mixed drink, but the most popular item is the gelati: Italian ice layered with custard.

The combination is quite magical, with the contrasting textures of ice and cream. The ice itself is also smooth and flavorful on its own. After trying out a few flavors, this is what we ordered.