Better Than Crack Brownies

Yes I made these brownies because of the name. How could I resist? Plus they sounded so good. Fudgy brownies layered with peanut butter and chocolate with crispy rice. It’s like a delicious homemade...


Japanese cheesecake

I love Japanese cheesecake. It’s lighter than American cheesecake, with an almost souffle like texture. It is light, creamy, and melts in your mouth.


Ashoka The Great

We’ve had Indian food cravings for a while so a few weeks ago we paid a visit to Ashoka. The lunch buffet is a pretty good deal and offers quite a few different items....


Brazilian Cheese Bread Balls

A few weeks ago I made some Brazilian cheese puffs, also known as Pão de Queijo. I commented that while they tasted great, they didn’t seem to follow the recipes of the ones I’ve...


Bubble Buns

I love bubble breads. I like that they pull apart into small pieces and I like the bubble top shape. I saw several recipes for bubble buns right before Easter and decided to try...


Luong Hai Ky Restaurant

Before my friends came to visit this weekend, I asked them what they were in the mood to eat. I got a vague response of “noodles.” When asked to elaborate, I got “some sort...


Sour cream bread rolls

For Easter I made the sour cream yeast rolls. My family doesn’t really celebrate Easter in the traditional way, but since it is such a big holiday in the US, we had our own...


The Mission

With three locations in San Diego and hundreds of positive reviews on yelp, The Mission is a popular brunch spot.  I’ve been wanting to check out The Mission for a long time now but...


Pretzel Rolls

I once had these pretzel rolls that were served as a bread starter at a restaurant I was dining at. I loved the shape and look of the rolls but I was a little...


Oreo cupcakes

I saw these oreo cupcakes a few weeks ago on Bakergirl and knew I wanted to try making them soon. I love the cookies and cream frosting. It reminds me of cookies and cream...