US Open 2013

Next to eating, one of my favorite activities is watching tennis and it’s always been my dream to attend the US Open at Flushing Meadows.

When I lived in Long Island as a child, every summer the newspapers would be filled with information about the US Open. It was only a short train ride away which made not being able to attend even more frustrating. But my parents didn’t feel comfortable with me riding into the city by myself since I was so young and neither of them were big tennis fans.

For the past few years, I’ve marked Labor Day weekend as the best time to attend: it’s a long weekend and most of the top players are still around. But it seemed every year, something came up during Labor Day weekend. Finally, this year, I wanted to make it happen. I grew up idolizing Pete Sampras and while it was obviously too late to watch him play at the US Open, I’ve also really admired “The Big Four” and wanted to watch while they were still competing well.

Rain is always an issue at the US Open and I really hoped we would have some good weather. Of course, the day we had purchased our tickets for (Labor Day), ended up being the worst weather the US Open 2013 experienced in its two week run and the only day when the day session was considered completely rained out.

I’d forgotten what East Coast rain can be like, after being spoiled by San Diego weather. Our puny umbrellas didn’t stand a chance in the torrential downpour. Within seconds after the first drop, the grounds were completely soaked and we, along with all the other visitors, spent our time huddling under various roofs for cover to wait out the rain. But we made the most of the situation, and ended up accomplishing almost everything I had wanted to, including getting to see some of my favorite players practicing and getting autographs.

One of the places I was most looking forward to on my trip to NYC was a visit to Momofuku Milk Bar by David Chang and Christina Tosi. It’s the home of such famous desserts like crack pie and the compost cookie.

There are several locations in Manhattan. We actually went to two locations. The first one we went to was close by to Momofuku Noodle Bar. I assumed this was one of the main ones, but it was such a tiny storefront that we nearly missed it. It was also out of most items. So the next day, we paid a visit to the midtown location, which was bigger and more fully stocked.

Our first night, we tried the famed cereal milk soft serve ice cream.

Just like it’s name, this really does taste like the sweet leftover milk after eating a bowl of cornflakes. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

At the Midtown location, we stocked up on cookies as well as a slice of the crack pie.

Crack Pie

Looking at the ingredient list, this seemed way too sweet for me. And while it is sweet, there is a very addicting quality to it, hence it’s name. The pie consists of a toasted oat crust with a sweet gooey butter filling. The pie slices are already conveniently prepackaged in these little containers.

Before the warm weather completely leaves us, I wanted to make this fun twist on lemonade. I first saw berry ice cubes on one of my favorite blogs, Just Putzing around the Kitchen.

Instead of using just water when making your ice, you add some blueberries (or other berries) into the ice. When they are put in the lemonade, they add both color and flavor to the lemonade. Here’s a quick snapshot of the lemonade when the ice first goes in: