This microwave version of a deep dish cookie is easy to whip up. Add a scoop of ice cream and dig in while it’s still warm and melty.

This last week has been pretty crazy in San Diego between the unusual extreme heat and the scary fires. I’m so relieved that there is supposed to be a break in the weather starting tomorrow so that these fires will hopefully all be contained with no new ones sprouting up. We’ve been lucky enough to be far enough to not be evacuated and I hope everyone in San Diego continues to stay safe.

With temperatures reaching 100ºF, baking has been out of the question. But I was craving baked desserts and ice cream so I decided to experiment with making a deep dish cookie in the microwave. At restaurants, I love eating these baked in a skillet with a scoop of ice cream on top. You can’t put a cast iron skillet in the microwave, so I used ramekins instead.

I’ve discussed my obsession with Greek yogurt on this blog several times. My fridge has an entire shelf filled with Greek yogurt at all times. Recently I was given coupons to check out Stonyfield’s Organic Greek Yogurt and I’m also hosting a giveaway for free yogurt!

One thing that makes Stonyfield’s yogurt unique is that it’s organic. It’s the only brand I’ve tried that is organic, but I was happy to find that it was priced the same as the other Greek yogurts I’ve been purchasing.

I hope everyone in San Diego is staying safe in these fires…

This weekend, we went to visit Souplantation. From May 1 to May 31, Souplantation is holding a “Design Your Own Delicious” contest where the grand prize is one year’s worth of free meal passes.

I was recently given a gift card to visit Souplantation during the contest period, which was especially convenient as I had been craving Souplantation for weeks. You can read the full contest details here, but basically the idea is to create your own dish/dessert/salad/drink/etc while dining at Souplantation and then uploading a photo of it to be entered in the contest.

We started with our usual salads.

I was thinking of designing a special salad but they didn’t quite have all the ingredients I was looking for.

Instead, I decided to design my own soup, with a little help from the salad bar.

Smoky Bacon Clam Chowder