The new location for Zion market quietly opened its doors last week.

I had been eagerly anticipating the relocation of Zion. After the opening of H Mart, the old Zion space seemed even more claustrophobic. Despite a sign announcing the new Zion going up at the former Kmart location months ago, there seemed to be no news of the new Zion opening. I scoured ads, asked employees, etc. Then last Friday the all knowledgeable Cathy of mmm-yoso alerted me of the opening.

I immediately went on Zion’s website, but saw no announcements. But then at the very very bottom of the weekly ad sale was the announcement that they had moved.

We had a busy Memorial Weekend planned so I didn’t think I would have a chance to stop by. But after a quick report from Cathy and visions of shopping at Zion without the crowd frenzy, I found myself unable to resist a quick visit.

Since news hadn’t gotten out, the location was fairly empty. I know it won’t remain that way for long. The first thing I noticed was just how much space there was.

You can see that even with shopping carts, each aisle still has plenty of room. It really resembled a Costco warehouse.

dairy free coconut whipped cream

If you enjoy coconut then you must try this coconut whipped cream. Not only is it heavenly, but it’s also dairy free!

I love dipping my strawberries in homemade whipped cream but I think I may like this coconut alternative even better.

Trader Joe recently came out with another Fearless Flyer, which prompted a few visits for me. Here are some of the highlights from my shopping trips:


I’d never heard of a Kumato before until my Fearless Flyer ad. They are greenish brown rather than red. They ripen from the inside out and are supposedly super sweet.

I tried them. And indeed, they are sweeter than your average tomato. But not sugary sweet. More like sweet cherry tomatoes.

Coconut Mango Bites

Chewy coconut and mango flavored candy is covered in dark chocolate. These were quite tasty. It’s a little like a 3 Musketeers bar filled with a mixture of coconut and mango.